Saturday, April 19, 2014


One good thing about dropping half a pot of potatoes is the creative solution we devised for sides. Asian panko chicken with pears, blackberries and potatoes,  corn and chili. Of course, chocolate for dessert was the perfect finish. It was a dinner that went through many changes until we settled on those combinations.

We watched the History channel's Vikings episode from this week followed by the first episode of Game of Thrones. I might be inciting riots with this one but they don't compare. GoT didn't really grab my interest.

Ky and I walked 5k this morning through woods, along roads and a quick splash in the river.  Thankfully,  we both passed tick check.

Tonight is the end of his vacation. He taught Rennie a few things about being a dog, an Australian Shepherd in particular. These humans are benevolent rulers.

Good times. More planned for tomorrow.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday things

We went for a walk along a river. There was plenty of wildlife including an otter or beaver(too far away to tell) swimming into its den. On top of the logjam was a goose sitting on her nest. She stretched her neck so that her head was a straight line out from her body. That made her blend in with the nest. It worked.  The only one Ky noticed was the mallard swimming and honking away from us.

Lots of good conversations, a trip to the vet, dogs racing around the yard lime they were qualifying for the 500, excellent chocolate and Mary Poppins. We laughed so hard I thought I was going to pass out.

All in all,  a good day

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ky's vacation 2014

One good thing about all the fresh air we got yesterday exploring the gully then walking down by the river is that I crashed when I went upstairs to bed.

I had every intention of repeating that much activity but forgot and had a shower first thing this morning.  Our play was more traditional,  stick-throwing and ball with the other dogs. Ky was still happy,  we had lots of fresh air and he never dropped the ball. It makes me happy to see him enjoy himself. It's relaxing in its own weird way.

There was some stress today. I stayed home with the dogs while the hospital determined the chest pains were pleurisy. I've had that and it's incredibly painful. And scary to think people died of it in Dickens novels. Good thing we live in modern times.

Leroy hasn't been back since yesterday afternoon. I hope he's been reunited with his family. He has a great personality.

I can't access the pictures I took on the good camera but here's Ky enjoying his vacation as seen through my phone's lens.

                         Playing ball with Rennie and Shadow


Leroy and Ky

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Indiana is a good thing

Between the pouring rain and construction, it took ten and a half hours to drive to Indiana. One really good thing was Queen. Every hour and a half, we'd drive into the zone where that band haunted the airwaves.

Another good thing was how well Ky got along with Rennie. The two of them did laps around the couches while the humans watched television.  They both sit beside me, one on either side, while I pet them.  As Bryan wanted Rennie because of how great a dog Ky is, it's only fitting the two of them should get along so well.

Despite the rough adjustment to his new life with Bryan's sister and her family, Rennie is really settling in now. When we mentioned Bryan's name though, his whole demeanor changed.  He misses his man.  So do we, Ren. So do we.

Today, a hound came on the property. He's clearly a young guy, a stray.  Right now, he's sleeping in a crate on a heated pad after a meal.  He's not fazed by the other dogs at all. I named him Leroy.  I'll try to get a picture tomorrow before the animal control people come and get him. While I did think not too long ago that I'd like a coonhound, now is most definitely not the time.  And Ky is freaked over the intruder.

It didn't help that I went out for a couple of hours to buy some tops. I packed mostly pajamas. How Freudian?  I plan to relax all week.

Though, Patrick and I did just make plans to take our cameras out to Anderson Falls on Saturday.  That will be lovely. Seven years he's been promising to take me over there.  I will definitely share that excursion.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Animal blessings

So the other night, my brother's dog had gastric torsion. It kills dogs faster than you can say burst appendix. My brother was in the Caribbean and unreachable. I authorized the incredibly expensive and life-saving surgery. I'm happy to say Max is doing well at home with his family. He's eating and drinking on his own despite the cone that causes him to bump into every single object in his path.

In other wonderful news, Lady, the world's oldest osprey, laid her 69th egg. This is amazing news in the world of conservation. It wasn't that long ago that osprey were on the verge of extinction in the UK.  Check her out on the nest.

I just packed Ky's bed in the car for our vacation tomorrow. He ran and sat by the gate.  It was only after I carried a ball into the house to wash it than he could be convinced to leave his post.  This better than Christmas. We're going on his dream vacation where the trees throw sticks for him to chase.  There's a new dog there, a younger dog, and I hope they wear each other out rounding up the fallen branches.  I don't know if he'll sleep tonight.

After the stress the last couple nights of watching over Max, I'm sure I will sleep.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Fortuitous Friday

Lots of good things today. I knocked off most of my list.  The kitchen and bathroom were scrubbed to within an inch of their lives (what an odd expression ). I was home to answer the phone which led to me making a life and death decision.  It's worked out so far, thank the gods. I haven't been able to discuss it with most of the parties involved so it will have to stay vague but trust me when I say cleaning out my fridge when I did was a very good thing.
Plus, my house smells citrusy and clean. Because it is :)

Thursday, April 10, 2014


I knocked lots of things off my list. I made good food choices. I spent three hours on the wobbleboard in front of my standing desk.

Eliot snuggled in my lap. This is unusual as he is DNe's cat. I feed him but he loves his boy. He also misses him while he's off vacationing with his family.

But the one good thing that stands above the rest is that I finished the first draft of the horror story. Some stuff came to me today that made me gasp. I hope it does the same for readers. I know it needs work. I'm going to put it aside for the next two weeks and let my poor brain rest before I begin edits. In the meantime, Yay!!! That monster is out of my head and on the page.