Sunday, April 08, 2012


Last week, I went to a concert. We had tickets to both the afternoon and evening shows. I spent some time on hair, make-up and dress because I knew we were going to meet the Supreme Mary Wilson between shows. I've been eating better and walking every day. It shows. Not a lot but, my goal of being healthy is definitely noticeable. I felt good about my appearance. Until I looked at the photographs taken between shows. I had no idea that I am so large. Honestly. I'm still agile, fit into older clothes and don't get winded. I was horrified that picture was out there for the world to see.

Then I remembered something someone said to me several years ago. She used to hate having her picture taken for similar reasons. After she lived in Europe for a while she noticed how happy people were to see her, in whatever form they could get. She told me that when people look at photographs, they aren't critiquing your weight, clothes or posture - they see the face of someone they love. The bigger the smile you wear in the photo, crooked teeth and all, the happier it makes the viewer. I started paying attention to how I feel whenever I see anyone's picture and my friend was absolutely correct. I see who they are, not how they look.

So when a video surfaced in which I hopped up on stage for my moment as a Supreme, I overrode my initial reaction of horror and watched it. It was fun. It was clear that we were up there goofing around and having a good time. It didn't matter that I can't dance to save my soul or that I was wearing the only splash of colour up there. Nothing mattered but the memory of how much fun it was to be up there on stage acting out every little fantasy I'd had as a kid. I was a Supreme!

Remember this next time you're reluctant to have your picture taken. You're capturing a moment, an emotion, not a look.

Supreme Joy

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  1. You all look like you were having a great time. Mary Wilson seemed to be, too. Thanks for the thoughts about the photos. I have ALWAYS not liked my picture being taken. I will have a different attitude in future ones and hopefully it shows.

    Renee :)

  2. We had a fantastic time and I think that shows. I'm glad this post could help your attitude about being photographed.

  3. ZOMG. I'm just catching up on your blog. What a fabulous time. You looked like you were having so much fun with one of my fave singers!!!! You looked gorgeous. Love the dress, and the hair!

    Wise words from your friend.

    1. p.s. I'm saving that video....forever. Just sayin'. :-D