Sunday, August 24, 2014


It seems I'm always doing something creative.  I'm not a big rule follower so that hampers my productivity at times.  I write in layers. I sew by hand.  I mesh patterns together to knit a sweater.  I use multiple media when painting. I mess around with depth of field when out with my camera.  I'm not sure any of that creativity would support me (hence the library job that I love) but for the most part they make me happy.  

I'm struggling with layers of writing right now. Yes, I do put butt in the chair every day.  I throw a lot of words on the page but I'm most effective when I step away from the story and work at something else. My brain often needs the distraction of other colours and textures in order to work through sticking points.  

One good thing about feeling sub-par is that I've spent a lot of time reading and watching television.  Storytelling is storytelling regardless of medium.  The best way to become better at one's own craft is to study the best.  I've recognized the emotional punch that facial expressions can convey.  Those are easier to pull off in picture but the right words in a specific order can make me cry.  I'm a big fan of great dialogue.

Right now, I'm stuck on "The first face this face saw."  I'm up to date on Doctor Who thanks to a dress that needed to be finished for my niece's birthday party tomorrow. I hope she likes it. (it's scrunched for photography purposes)

What's your favourite dialogue?

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