Thursday, February 05, 2015

#How librarians spend their breaks

This is the short story I wrote when we found a little bear in the lost and found at work.  It is the first in a series of adventure for the lost bear my coworker named.
We're promoting it every where in the hope that his family sees his photo and claims him.  

Bear Bear was scared. His family was lost. This place was nice. Bright. Smelled like books.
He liked books. But his family wasn't here. The lady behind the counter picked him up from the couch and put him on the cabinet. He could see everyone who came into this sunny place. The lady talked to him. She was nice. She petted him and told him she would help him find his family.
But first he needed a bath.
Not a bath! A bath would ruin his stuffing. He didn't have much stuffing left. His family had loved it right out of him.
The nice lady said bears had to be clean to stay at the library.
He was at the library! His family loved the library. There were stories and games and movies and lots of fun things to do while he waited for them to come back.
Bear Bear decided a bath would be okay. He would have a bath and sit on the cabinet and wait. His family would come back and see him up there.
The library was a safe place to wait. Maybe he could read a good book while he waited.


  1. Cute story :) Our library also has a little bear that was left behind by his owner. For a while we had him sitting out on the counter, but after it appeared he would not be reclaimed, he became part of a regular display feature that changes up according to the season or holiday. One of our staff members is very gifted and the little bear has become a popular attraction here.

    Maybe your bear's family won't recognize him all cleaned up... :)

    1. As well loved as he was, I have to think he was left by a family visiting for the holidays. We're having fun with him.

  2. Anonymous5:45 PM

    I hope his owner finds him! Looking forward to your next story. :)

    1. Thanks for sharing it on Twitter, Elen. Next up, Bear Bear has his bath :)