Friday, August 07, 2015


Greetings, my friends.  The trilogy has a name - The Tiger's Eye series. Yes, series. Because while brainstorming the three books I kept coming back to one character from the third in the trilogy that was never planned. The first was a standalone.  Then a character caught my attention. Then another one. And now a fourth. She got short-thrift in the third book and the goddess noticed. So she issued a challenge that the shy character is going to have to steel her spine in order to meet.

I have to finish two origin stories first. One for a secret project (who knew I could keep a secret?) and one for the horror story. It's the epilogue that shows how the painting became so disturbing.  Because the final scene was so horrific, I have to make the creation scene compelling but also equally intense.  The research has been too much for me to stomach so my nephew approached a neighbour who is also a hunter.  It's always good to have help.

I need a pseudonym for the horror story.  It's not like anything else I write.  I don't want to confuse readers who are used to the voice you read over here.  DNe suggested I look at contemporaries of Edgar Allen Poe and see what tweaks my creative radar.  Of course, I immediately thought of Raven. It's a good name. It's not creepy though the poem is suspenseful.

What really holds me back though is an excellent short story writer I follow on Twitter - Jesse Raven  His writing style is so tight and suspenseful.  I look forward to his upcoming compilation.  Go check out his website. You'll see why I need a different name. Ravens may flock together but one usually stands out and Jesse is it.

So the search for pseudonym continues.  I could possibly keep one half of Keziah Fenton. I'm not sure which half.  It's a quest. I love those.

What says horror name to you?  Remember, Stephen King is already taken.


  1. My writing brain recently came back online (yay anti-depressants!), and I've been working furiously on a new story. I was thinking of naming my main character "Raven," but it didn't quite work for the story, so I took the genus "Corvus" and made it "Corva" to sound more feminine. You might come up with something you like if you play around with words that are somehow related to "raven" if you want to be part of that flock without feeling like you're stepping on someone else's turf.

  2. Thank you, Matt. I will play with that and see what I get. I'm looking for a more masculine name as horror does seem to be male dominated.

  3. I think Keziah Fenton is a rockin' name - FYI :)

  4. Ha, Jesse. Thank you. I'm fond of it.