Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Five minutes

It's been a crazy week here. More so than usual. I would take solace in writing - if I had more than five minutes at a time. I try to use that five minutes wisely. While hiding in the car while hail pinged the roof I read three of my own paragraphs. They were good paragraphs. I didn't touch them.

Another five minutes was spent ordering the Wrath of Gods DVD directly from the website. As you may recall I was somewhat irate when a previous copy turned up blank. Zingera urged me to hunt down another copy as it was a brilliant documentary about the making of Beowulf and Grendel. Jon Gustafsson, the director of Wrath of Gods was kind enough to comment on that post and invite me to the website. The Canadian distributer of the DVD dropped the ball and left a lot more customers than just me staring at the blank screen. I just have to edit the first third of the book before I'm allowed to watch it. It's a great incentive to use my five minutes wisely.

If you can spare five minutes please check out his blog and help support my friend Kirby who is participating in the inaugural Ride to Conquer Cancer June 20-22. He'll be cycling over 200km from Toronto to Niagara Falls. All money raised goes to fund cancer research, teaching and care at The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation. I couldn't even walk that far let alone cycle but I'm happy to share his fundraising efforts with others.

Five minutes can change the world, change an individual, change a mood. How will you spend your five today?


  1. I spent my five minutes reading your blog and trying to remember everything I have forgotten to do today.

    Good Post.

  2. You gotta love Jon Gustafsson for taking the time to comment on your blog, and for guiding you to the site! The man is a class act!

    I recently lost my mom to a long battle with lung cancer. The efforts of wonderful people such as Kirby go a long way to help the families of cancer victims, as well as research to find effective treatments, and hopefully, a cure. Many thanks to Kirby and all who participated and offered their support!!

  3. Zingera - my condolences. We lost my Grandma last week and it's a horrible process. Kirby lost his dad to lung cancer so this ride was very important to him. I thought I should use the blog for something good instead of mere entertainment.

    Jon Gustafsson's customer service is amazing. I've told absolutely everyone about it, including several people with buying power within the library system.

  4. Keziah, Please accept my sympathy on the passing of your Grandmother. My mom died on June
    6th. It's so difficult...I keep picking up the phone to call her. We are taking comfort that she passed on very peacefully , without any pain or suffering.
    May she and your grandmother rest in the arms of the angels.