Sunday, June 08, 2008

Whatever works

I earned this star, and several others, this week.

I started the marketing course and actually implemented the first lesson at the small community branch of the library. It wasn't part of the course but the opportunity arose and I took it. I have to hand in the actual assignment this week.

My dog gained 30% of his body weight in the past year. I'm appalled and have started running with him every day. Okay, he runs, I walk. I ran a little bit yesterday when he rolled on a dead fox but that was self-preservation. I didn't eat much dinner as a result. Hmmm, an extreme weight-loss program. I think I'll pass. We're running up and down the stairs tonight while a thunderstorm rages outside. You take your exercise where you can get it.

As for blog relevance, my desk is covered in paperwork. I have a spreadsheet for the growth of numerous elements in the story. I have a book about white-water rafting and two drafts of Hell to Pay, one of which is mostly point form.

I'm using a pen to flesh out every sentence on the first draft that I printed last month. It's compact, portable and the words on the page are more visual for me than on the computer screen. Sometimes just knowing the pages are in my bag keep my brain working on the scene. With the demand on my time these days, that's vital.

I edited my first chapter and part of the next one. I don't actually have chapters at this point, merely scene breaks. I'll do chapters on the last pass. Those breaks can really change the pace of the story. I have to build up to the run.

Next week, I'll have another chapter-length section done. Until then, how do you edit?


  1. Anonymous10:22 PM

    I thought Ky was looking a bit "fluffy" when I saw him, but with all that hair it's hard to tell!

    I know what you mean about pen and paper. The more complicated the project I'm managing, the more I need to go old school and write notes by hand.

  2. First, congrats on all your hard work. It obviously paid off. You earned your star. Woo-hoo!

    How do I edit? With a blue pencil and paper. I can only edit on screen if I pump-up the font and read out loud. The exception is word find. It's good for that. ;-)

    Much cheer. Run, Ky, run...

  3. Anonymous5:35 PM

    I edit better on paper than on screen. Sometimes I read it front to back, and sometimes I open a random page and read that. Amazing what i find that way.