Saturday, February 24, 2007

Out of chaos

I feel like Alex and Nea are slipping away from me. I haven't had time to write more than a sentence here and there for weeks now. I've always maintained that if it's important to you, no matter what it is, you'll make time for it. But my brain can't process these days. Paint. Work. Move. Paint. Work. Move. Work. Unpack. Work. I vaguely remember staring at the television in a fog the other night.

There won't be any more time this weekend either. Missing my characters is a good sign. It means my brain is coming back online. I hope. There's a section in the sagging middle that I can work on in my head while all this chaos gets straightened out. Imagine that, it's the section of the book that is filled with chaos and confusion for the characters. All their preconceived ideas are turned upside down.
Nothing is what they thought it was. They aren't where they want to be, physically or emotionally. I can use how I feel right now when I'm stuck for a description. The main difference is that I know how wonderful life is going to be once the dust settles.


  1. Hang in there Sheryl. It's going to be great--the house and the book. I was afraid I'd lost the characters when I was sick but now they're back and the rewrites are coming along.

    Sending positive vibes winging to Canada

    Miss you

  2. i really hope they come back to you. or maybe they have by now. *cross fingers*

    we miss you. visit us at the Grill. and tell your mom. we need our Canadian fixes. :)

  3. Miss you.
    That's all.