Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I made an amended version of my goal for the January writing challenge. Instead of writing full scenes, I wrote notes, dialogue and descriptions for the entire book. I not only know where it's going, I know how it's getting there. Now I have to work on the details, those pesky demonic details.

Nea loves to fly. She loves everything about it - the wind in her hair, the steady beating of her wings, riding air currents, and scaring the crap out of people when she comes up on them. I've been playing around with her wings. I know they're pale, translucent with tiny veins visible. I want to stick with the leaf motif but also want them to be creepy.

What kind of texture do they have? Alex not only has to touch them, he's going to fondle them. Yes, like that. So it better not be too gross. And I don't want him to damage them either. There's some thought still required on this subject.

But flying. Where does fly? Why? When? Not how. I can picture how. The expression on her face is pure ecstasy.

Which is why it's going to demoralize her when I ground her like the nymphs - rip her wings off her body.

Writers are evil people.

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