Monday, January 02, 2017

Right on Target

My American friends tease me about my need to stop at Target on every visit. I am not petite. Target carries the perfect jeans for my shape and size. Aside from that, there are huge differences in the quantity of items, particularly in the food aisles, between American and Canadian stores.

A few weeks ago, the pup snagged a hole in my last pair of jeans that I'd stockpiled before Target closed its doors in Canada . I lamented that on Twitter. Target shared a link to international orders.

My new jeans arrived today. Yes, I paid more in duty and shipping than I would have by driving across the border. However, I wouldn't have stopped at just jeans so I figure I saved money doing it this way. I definitely bought considerably less dark chocolate than I usually do.

I'm pleased with myself, and Target's online presence. I'll definitely use it again.

I also made progress on my new story. I can't rest on my laurels while I wait to hear how yesterday's submission was received.

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