Thursday, May 15, 2014

Dance in the rain

Another rainy day - another three hours spent hacking at weeds and stuffing branches into brown paper bags. We're having a bonfire this weekend and I want to take all of that with me.

For some odd reason - not that I'm complaining - the dogs and I were quite silly today.  We played ball outside in the mud.  I scooped either thousands of tadpoles or millions of mosquito larvae (I suspect a combination unless it was just different ages) out of the pond. I should go see what my good fried Goo-gell has to say about which it was. Casey likes to chew on the rose bush branches, unmindful of thorns. Ky just wants to play ball.  Why not?  It's just mud and water.  I was going to have to wipe their paws anyway.

A friend poked me repeatedly on Facebook. She poked. I poked and so it went until one of us called Uncle.  Clearly, neither one of us had anything better to do.  Still, it made me laugh.

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