Monday, May 19, 2014

Holiday Monday

One Good Thing about making today my day to stay home(gotta love long weekends) was the fact that I spent some quality time testing the futon mattress. It's under the window by the mulberry tree. A squirrel and Eliot had a tail twitching contest.  That never fails to make me laugh.  I know it's a lot more serious than it appears but there's a screen between them and Eliot always checks my reaction. Just like he still jumps on the bird cage, hangs then then falls back to the floor even if I don't yell his name immediately. He's posturing. I'm still a cat. You can't take that away from me by keeping me safely indoors.  I wouldn't dream of it Eliot.

Fireworks are stressful for Ky. I wasn't home last night but I dosed him with Rescue Remedy and cinched him into his Thundershirt Thanks, Stashaholic for the info.  Apparently, he tried to burrow beneath my mom.  I stayed home tonight and he lay at my feet(doused in Rescue Remedy and the Thundershirt). I think the squeaky cable of the elliptical helped dim the sound of the fireworks.

Lots of writing this afternoon. I struggled through a good portion of the day but once I put on the music I associate with that section of the story words came to me.


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  1. Anonymous11:24 AM

    It was a glorious day yesterday... yeah, except for the fireworks. We dosed the G-Pup early. She didn't do too badly. Lots of stroking.