Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Good thoughts to understand

We had an Internet problem last night. One good thing about my virus concerns is that I ran a scan, cleaned up some other issues and now that the modem has been fixed, the computer runs better than ever.

Because I was afraid the system was compromised, I didn't write today. Instead, I read while the computer ran the scans. I pet the dog and cat, chatted with the bird and used the elliptical a bit longer than is normal for me.

I also poked around in the garden by the pond and shared overgrowth with a friend. In return, she shared some of her pond plants with me. We had a good visit, some supportive conversations and shared chocolate. I've been eating too much of it.

Another good thing was the realization that I'm not eating as poorly as I think. I'm not happy with the quantity for overall the quality is actually pretty good. So, cutting myself some slack here. Also realizing I'm so tired because I'm taking my medication a bit late in the day was another good thing.

The breeze has been cool today - and lifted the scent of lilacs straight up over the porch and into the office. A very good thing indeed.

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