Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Garden lesson

Good things have happened but so have storms that made me disconnect everything that plugged in, including the router.

One good thing about the rain is that I haven't had to water the plants. It's also made it easier to weed the beds. That said, I did break the hoe this afternoon. Apparently dirt had migrated to the stone border so I hit a rock, ot three.

I dug up the rose bush that has been dead for three years. I noticed the roots weren't pulling out of the ground, or off the wood, easily. They were still alive. And just at the base, a couple of leaves the size of my fingernail had sprouted. I cleared away the weeds, dug a deeper hole and gave it a few encouraging pats.

Later I told my cousin who is recovering from a horrible accident in the winter. I suggested she be like the rose, lie dormant and allow her body to heal. Then I smacked myself for not taking my own advice. In the time since I was told to put my elbow back in a sling and stop using it,  I have weeded two garden beds, pruned three rose bushes, the mulberry tree, cleaned the pond, baked a carrot cake, oatmeal cookies and turtle brownies. I have not worn the sling, nor have I rested the elbow. I'm afraid of being dug up and thrown in the compost bin.

That didn't happen to the rose bush. It won't happen to me.

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