Monday, May 05, 2014


One good thing about waking up two hours before the alarm was the quality time spent with DNe. Yoda was screaming his head off,  Milo repeatedly pawed me in the face and I was cranky as hell. Then DNe put Eliot in the bathroom alone, took Yoda out of the cage and calmed everyone down.  That's usually my job and I was glad to have someone else take care of things.

This afternoon was full of good words that moved through the first two sections of the horror story. I'm going to need a reader who likes horror to run this story past. Volunteers?  Yeah,  I don't know anyone in that demographic either.

The evening involved some serious movie time with my nieces. Lilo and Stitch for the third time in the last year. It's no Frozen, thank the gods. It appeals to the idea of making our own family. That resonates deeply with the little ones. Plus Stitch is fluffy. And Elvis. The girls LOVE Elvis.

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