Sunday, April 22, 2012

Writer's vacation

I'm going to be offline for a couple of weeks while I tromp around the Chesapeake Bay area. I'm back to working on Rootless Trees so I'm off to walk the terrain. Iceland, sadly, was out of my budget. I have excellent notes, photographs and memories of Scotland so all that's left is the place where Brynja and Bracken land on their feet. Armed with research notes and plot outline, I'm going to park myself on the beach and writewritewrite.

But first, I plan to explore the area, stay up all night chatting with friends, and immerse myself in a completely different world from the one the characters and I are used to inhabiting.

Anything in particular you want me to take note of?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

100 years later

I've always been fascinated by the Titanic. There is something about the tragedy that has held my attention for as long as I can remember. I think it's responsible for my first awareness of our mortality. "1500 Souls Lost" was the headline that struck a chord. All the movies and documentaries, books and articles, hit at the heart of the fascination. Those souls belonged to real people with real families, real dreams and real plans for the lives ahead of them.

All of their stories deserve to be told. All of their stories need to be heard.

1500 souls, 1500 hearts, 1500 lives.

Sunday, April 08, 2012


Last week, I went to a concert. We had tickets to both the afternoon and evening shows. I spent some time on hair, make-up and dress because I knew we were going to meet the Supreme Mary Wilson between shows. I've been eating better and walking every day. It shows. Not a lot but, my goal of being healthy is definitely noticeable. I felt good about my appearance. Until I looked at the photographs taken between shows. I had no idea that I am so large. Honestly. I'm still agile, fit into older clothes and don't get winded. I was horrified that picture was out there for the world to see.

Then I remembered something someone said to me several years ago. She used to hate having her picture taken for similar reasons. After she lived in Europe for a while she noticed how happy people were to see her, in whatever form they could get. She told me that when people look at photographs, they aren't critiquing your weight, clothes or posture - they see the face of someone they love. The bigger the smile you wear in the photo, crooked teeth and all, the happier it makes the viewer. I started paying attention to how I feel whenever I see anyone's picture and my friend was absolutely correct. I see who they are, not how they look.

So when a video surfaced in which I hopped up on stage for my moment as a Supreme, I overrode my initial reaction of horror and watched it. It was fun. It was clear that we were up there goofing around and having a good time. It didn't matter that I can't dance to save my soul or that I was wearing the only splash of colour up there. Nothing mattered but the memory of how much fun it was to be up there on stage acting out every little fantasy I'd had as a kid. I was a Supreme!

Remember this next time you're reluctant to have your picture taken. You're capturing a moment, an emotion, not a look.

Supreme Joy

Blogger wouldn't let me embed the file but if you click on it you can view it on your own system's video player

Monday, April 02, 2012

Mirror, Mirror

Life can be hard. It can be full of sorrow, anguish and disappointment. The only thing we can truly control is our reaction. I've been struggling to hold on to my natural optimism. Cynicism had planted seeds, taken root and ruthlessly hogged the sun.

The other day, a good friend shared his view of me and my life. To hear his admiration, and respect, reminded me that there's so much more to my life than the stuff that's been dragging me down. I joke about our mutual admiration society but honestly, we are good mirrors for each other. We reflect the enthusiasm, talent and joy the other feels whenever we think of the other.

Everyone should have someone like that in their life - the mirror that sees you as fairest of them all.

Who is your Mirror, Mirror?