Monday, March 31, 2014

The return of good things

I have come to the conclusion that paying attention to the good things in life are the best way to survive the difficult things. While I have be doing an excellent job at being creative, I've struggled to appreciate my life. There have been so many challenges, few of which I've handled with grace or gratitude.

So back to posting my daily Good Thing.

I had a great one first thing this morning but I've already forgotten what it was. That's frustrating.

Today, the sun was shining,  my sweater boots looked great with my dress and hearing about the weekend some friends shared without me made me laugh. I could perfectly imagine all of their expressions as they sang show tunes while fixing dinner. The one dear friend doesn't listen to anything younger than baroque.

I wrote for a couple of hours and found my way to the end of a nasty scene. I consider it a Good Thing that I flailed around trying to find mean. I didn't know what someone could say to alienate one of their closest friends.

Tonight, I brushed Ky while watching television. He has such a thick soft coat. What is soothing to me is barely tolerable for him. Lots of belly rubs as a reward for sitting still helped him forgive me.

What good thing happened in your day?

Sunday, March 30, 2014


We had another blizzard last night. People are freaking out, terrified winter will never end. They have short memories. I grew up with winters that lasted from October to April. One year,  while I was house-sitting it snowed on May 7th. For most of my life, it has snowed on my birthday - the beginning of April. Yes, it is cold. Yes, it can be dangerous. No, we do not live inside a snow globe that some jerk keeps shaking.

It just looks that way.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Genetic creativity

Last week was my DB's wedding. His third, her second.  The kids were their wedding party.  It was simple, lovely and very sweet.  I acted as one of the photographers.  My camera has a glitch that adds a dark shadowy ghost to some of the shots.  I'm experimenting with making that part of the scene.

My oldest DNi ran around arranging the background/foreground/people as I was shooting away. She wants to be a photographer.

This is one of my shots on which she assisted.

This is one I took without her influence

Today, we picked up some photography books from the library, grabbed my camera and had a lesson on depth of field.  These are two of her shots

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Who knew

Today was lovely. Fresh Spring air, warmer temps, the steady drip of snow and ice melting. I walked to work. It was dark by the time I heard home bug that distinctive scent of fertile earth lingered interest night Air.

It's a two kilometer walk. This time last year,  I was tired by the time I arrived home. Now, I'm barely into my stride by then. I know I walked 32km last year but that was in June.  Since then, I've struggled with several injuries. Apparently, my legs and stamina were not affected.

We're on track for another winter storm tomorrow. I doubt I'll trudge through the snow with three little girls but maybe Ky and I will go for a stroll later.

I'm not sick of winter. I like the crisp air, the crunch of snow beneath my boots, the scent of the air. There's a strange silence to be heard even through the noise of shovels, plows and snowblowers. I enjoy it.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Catching up

I'm slowing down, choosing to use my time wisely. What that really means is I've been reading.  A lot.

Go to wattpad and read Between here and gone by Barbara Caridad Ferrer.  It's free but priceless. The work is impossible to explain but thought-provoking, heartfelt and lingers long after the last word has been read.

I've been writing every day. Horror is a cathartic genre to play with. I fill my characters mouths and minds with all the poisons I don't want in my own.  Win/win.

I cannot believe how challenging this year has been so far. I guess we're getting it all out of the way early so we can play the rest of the year. Lots of silver linings to those cloudy moments (strange expression I might look up later).  All of the usual suspects - friends, family, zoo - but also the realization that we are truly fortunate.  We always land in each other's arms. You can't buy that kind of fortune.

The wind is yanking on the windows and doors. Literally. Eliot just lifted his head to glare at the rattling window.  Considering he was making a creaky door sound earlier, perhaps the wind is playing with him.  He has so much energy.

How are things with you? What was an unexpected silver lining in your life recently?