Sunday, March 31, 2013

Phenomenal Good Things

While the day has already had some very good moments in it - raisin bread french toast with my parents, a forty minute walk with the dogs(2/3 of us, not Ky, need to get back into shape and Casey was a real trooper, I expect he will nap for the rest of the day) I'm in in the process of making spinach dip, an aparagus/mushroom/quinoa dish as well as sweet potato/quinoa dumplings and listening to the Canadian Tenors - scroll down to the video that says Shine to hear Lead with your heart, the windows are wide open(take that! you firework shooting neighbours) and all is well in my world.

I popped over to the Loch of the Lowes webcam which has crashed due to volume so I checked out their blog. I've been watching over there for several years now. Theresa and I were several miles away and had considered a quick visit when in Dunkeld.  Had I known then what I know now, I would have made the effort.  We'd already walked five miles, what was another five? 

Wildlife lead precarious lives. Not only are weather and predators a factor in their existence, man has made some catastrophic changes in their habitat.  Long lives are relative.  By all calculations, twenty two years for a nesting Osprey is phenomenal. While the resident female, Lady, usually comes back the last week of March, last year's male has already returned, as has a young female. They've mated a couple of times and many wondered if Lady's time had ended.  She's unringed, has no tracking so there's  no way to know where she is or if she's still alive.  The average osprey lifespan is 10-15 years in the wild.  She is in her mid-to-late-twenties.  I doubt I'm alone in crossing my fingers each Spring.  So you can understand why this post made me cry. 

I hope your heart lifts at least once today.

Spring is on its way

One Good Thing about it being so busy at work is that the day flew by. I didn't make many inroads on the piles of books that need to be added to the collection but I did answer the phone a lot. "No, Skyfall is not available. It is out."

It was a lovely Spring day. I was able to experience it when I carried books out to the car for one of our regulars. She wasn't too steady today and needed the help.  She did me a favour. Fresh air. Mmmm, nice.

We had some discussion in the morning as I was unlocking the door as to whether the greenery shoving its way up and out of the dirt was daffodil or crocus.  Based on years of watching the same behaviour, I announced crocus with great authority. As we left at the end of the day, we noticed said greenery had grown four inches and now had some yellow staring at us.  I might pop over there tomorrow with my camera to confirm my announcement.

I hope your day had a hint of Spring.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Good Friday

Ky and I had a great afternoon. We went to visit my friends who live on thirteen acres. It was sunny, no precipitation so the humans built a fire in the pit in front of the back porch. The chickadees, nuthatch, cardinal and red-winged blackbird all kept us company. Ky chased sticks, and another dog for awhile.  The miniature donkey on the neighbour's donkey serenaded us. It was restful and enjoyable and a great reminder of all that is good with my life.

I hope your Friday was as good as mine.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Stream of consciousness happy thoughts

McB asked everyone to take pictures of the things that make us happy.  Walking to work today, I tried to narrow that down but almost everything is a mental image.  DNi's laughter, Yoda's muttering just before he goes to sleep, the scent of the roses by the back door that remind me of the smell of Germany, (dark earth and fresh potatoes do the same thing), wild garlic growing on Kate's property (I seeded some in my own yard), the burst of flavour on my tongue when I eat raspberries fresh from our yard, watching Ky gently pulling the berries off the bush with his lips while Casey yanks the entire branch through the fence then eats all of it - berries, leaves, cane, Mom wiggling her toes in her new socks, Dad with his arms crossed on his chest telling us stories of Egypt, Sardinia, Iceland, Scotland, and/or Cyprus, the colour of the sky as it danced its way across Northern Ontario, floating on my back in the lake at midnight while the dog swam lazy circles around me, the roar of the Falls as we walked along the trail, an Irish wolfhound greeting us on the path, lions moaning in the garage, late nights laughing and talking and saving the world, margaritas, red wine, pub beer, fish and chips, s'mores around the fire, cheddacorn, poutine, Greek salad, chocolate that melts on your tongue, letting the chickens out of the coop, chasing piglets through the village, sitting on the hill for hours sketching eagles, hawks, and a crow named Stanley, plotting the perfect murder, making the antagonist pay for it in the end, movie night, theme dinners, full moon ritual and walking on fire, holding hands as little ones learn to walk, watching DNe create amazing images, the sound of passion as he discusses his art, sound of pride as he tells me another painting sold, wind in our hair as we race our bikes along the canal, hiding from the dogs in among the reeds, careening down the ice-covered hill on cardboard and garbage bags...

The list goes on and on and on.  So many things I've experienced that fill my heart with joy.  I am truly blessed.  Thank you, McB, for the gift of those reminders.  It's a gift that continues.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Finished projects

I turned this refugee from Stashaholic

into this lovely hat for another friend

I also finished the socks for Kate's DH.  They're curled up around each other like puppies.

Because I took my mom to the seventh circle of hell, aka Costco, I didn't finish up my own hat. It's from a pattern written in 1913 for a motor cap. The photo is fuzzy so I'm not quite sure what it will look like but I think the shape is right. Unless I'm making the wrong one. There are three patterns on the page.

Costco was only so horrible because 1)I'm not that fond of people 2) everyone was shopping for Easter candy 3)that's a lot of people 4) right turn signals indicate the car in front of you will turn left. From the right hand lane 5) a man rammed his cart into my ankle and didn't apologize.  He said, Oh, when I said, Ouch. 6)I'm not that fond of people.  My mom, on the other hand, was super happy to be out and about chatting with strangers while she tried everything at all of the sample tables.  She was tickled with the little chocolate Easter bunnies inside the wire and wooden cages. We bought 4.  Her joy made the seventh circle almost tolerable.  It's so easy to make her happy.  She wanted me to take pictures of the socks I made for her but some stuff happened so we'll do that another day.  We'll make a fashion show out of it. 

Here's the important thing people tend to forget, myself included.  Mom has always liked to be a girly girl.  Just because she's not well doesn't mean she doesn't enjoy the entire hair/make-up/nails/clothes primp fest.  There's no reason not to do all that with her. 

I came home and played with the dogs outside between rain showers.  Ky went grocery shopping with me.  Actually, he kept DNe company in the car while I picked up every thing that Costco didn't have (95% of my list).

Tomorrow, we're going to turn this
 and this

into a yarn cabinet (sheep and cat are exempt from the project). It might take some time but I will post pictures of the finish project of that.

How was your day?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Long distance good things

I had a brief chat on the phone today with a friend who lives in Virginia. We confirmed our plans to spend time together at the end of May.  That made me so very happy. Just hearing her voice made me smile.  We will be with several other friends but have made sure we get some time just the two of us to catch up on life.

This evening, my new satellite receiver was waiting for me when I got home from work. I've had a run of bad luck with electronics lately. The lovely customer service rep in Montreal suggested the Full Moon would work in my favour. It usually does, and today was no exception.

My coworker thought another volcano had erupted in Iceland.  Apparently, it's rumbling.  But looking at photos taken by Jon Gustafsson the last time one did, one can only hope his camera is packed and ready to go.

Little things really, but anything that puts a smile on your face should be celebrated.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Entertaining Good Things

We spent the afternoon with my Great Aunt.  She's going to be one hundred years old this June and she's still sharp as a tack.  She's funny and smart and kind and a true sweetheart.  When I went to Scotland in 2010, it was to take a picture of the farm on which her mother was born. 

I had intended to call my aunt when we were there but I was so swept away by the fact that I was walking in my great-grandmother's footsteps that I forgot.  I came home with over 200 photos of the farm and nearby village of Dunkeld, every one of which tickled my aunt no end.  Now whenever we see each other, we share tea and Campbell's shortbread.  That trip always comes up in conversation.  It's not the only thing we talk about - gardens, bagpipes, travel, religion and art we are up for discussion today. 

As always, my dad shared a story I'd never heard before, this one about hockey.  He has some great hockey stories. Everyone on their street played it. Some of them went on to play in the NHL.  He has no illusions that he was ever good enough to join them.

Tonight, everyone was home for a change so we had an impromptu hockey party.  My roommate is a die-hard Leafs fan.  She gets so excited that anyone sitting near her when they score is in danger of bodily injury. She leaps around while screaming. It's not much better when they are scored against.   The cat hopped off her lap tonight and headed to the chair across the room. He kept one eye on her as the Leafs scored.  No one knows if it was coincidence or extreme self-preservation but his timing was impeccable.  Sadly, the Leafs lost in a shoot-out but we were well-entertained.

Was your day entertaining?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wild Good Things

It turns out I didn't fail at Earth Hour. I did shut off lights. I thought it was about powering down.  Sheesh.  They don't aim very high on that one.

A nice drive to Niagara with my dad meant we were able to catch up on a few things.  Some of it was family history, some of it was science and some of it was reminisces of Scotland.

Speaking of Scotland, great news from the Loch of the Lowes.  The osprey are on their way back for another, hopefully, successful year of nesting.

We also saw a red squirrel on the drive home.  They were prolific when I was younger but it's been years since I've seen one around here. I wish I'd had my camera with me.  Maybe next time.

How wild was your day?

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Shameful Saturday

I forgot about Earth Hour. I remembered for most of the day. I had a plan. I spent hours getting things ready to enact the plan (interact with the animals and conversation with the humans for an hour with most of my focus on the former) I shut down most of the electronics, turned off lights etc in anticipation. Then I cleaned a few small appliances so they'd work more efficiently and the next thing I knew it was 935 instead of 830.  I had quizzed the kids earlier in the day yet I'm the one who forgot Earth Hour.  Shameful.

We had a productive day cleaning, taking furniture apart in order to create more furniture. I sorted through some books that I doubt I will re-read. Two boxes and all that resulted is less piles on the bookshelves, no real space found. 

I have too much stuff.  I use most of it though.  I'm cyclical with my crafts, not quite seasonal, but some supplies remain dormant for years at a time while I work in one particular medium for awhile. I always circle back and pick up the old craft.  It's all better organized now.

I reference my books a lot.  Their value lies within the pages and information, or in some cases entertainment. I can count on them to fill a need with a touch.  It makes it difficult to give them up. I never know when I'm going to need one.

Two really good things about the day were my niece and nephew. He helped me clean, organize and disassemble. She reminded me how to have fun, be silly and really enjoy every thing you do.  They allow me the smug satisfaction of "I didn't contribute to the seven billion global population crisis" statement while affording me the joy of watching the next generation grow.

How was your Saturday?

Friday, March 22, 2013

Artistic Good Things

DNe came home, made French Toast with a dash of cinnamon for dinner. That was nice. We had a good visit then watched a movie about Jean Michel Basquiat.  Brilliant acting combined with incredible artwork made for a fascinating evening. 

By coincidence, an hour later I stumbled across a CNN special report entitled 81 Minutes about an art heist in Boston 23 years ago.  That show reminded me of an art gallery visit with a good friend last year in Washington, D.C.

Both programs left me with a strong urge to hit the paintbox.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Green Good Things

The lime green of my shirt. It generates a lot of compliments, this colour.

The green leaves of the arugula on the pear and brie sandwich my friend made me for lunch was a darker green than the green ring on the dinner plates.

The unbelievable ribbon of green dancing across the night sky as seen from my friend's roof in Iceland

What colour was your day?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Good things that amused me today

I didn't fall over at work today. WIN!  I'm still wobbly but had serious cabin fever being at home for the last four days.  As long as there isn't too much movement in my peripheral vision, I'm staying upright.  Ginger.  It helps a lot.

I took a goofy picture of myself this morning.  I was playing around with my camera just because I could. The burgundy of my dressing gown looked great with my glasses so I humoured my inner three year old before I got dressed like a grown up.  Sometimes, you just have to be silly.

Osprey are headed back to Dunkeld, Scotland.  Will Lady return for a record 23rd year on the nest?  She should be back toward the end of next week. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Photographic Good Things

As requested, here's the dollar store greenhouse in action. 

The radishes, tomatoes, celery and sunflowers are the green things you can see. Snapdragons and peppers are peeking through the peat while the beets and carrots are slower. Thanks not a bad thing.

This is the corner of the bed that I want to turn into a cabinet. It should be interesting to see what happens.  Huh, that cover is much darker than that. If I remember correctly, the shutter stayed open for a bit longer than I expected. 

This darling bird has been shrieking his head off for the last two hours. I don't know whether he doesn't want to watch the wildlife channel or simply wants DNe to play with him. I'm guessing the latter as he's been quiet for the last few minutes since DNe went out for the night.  Thank goodness, I may love Yoda but some days...He is cute.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Rearranging good things

I couldn't sleep last night so I plotted how to turn the wood from my bedframe into a cabinet with glass doors. I might have to utilize the one bookshelf as well. I have a cabinet maker coming to look at it next week to determine how viable my middle of the night plan is.  If it's a go, I'll take before and after pictures to post.

My DNi and I planted seeds last week in those little peat pots you buy at the dollar store. We used seeds I'd harvested from the garden bounty a couple of years ago (last year was a complete bust). Today, I moved everything over to the living room window, popped the plastic lids off and stuck all six containers beneath the large dollar store greenhouse tent. It takes up the entire table top.  My Icelandic sheep photo is tucked behind it.  Since ten o'clock this morning, the radishes have grown more than an inch. I guess they like the extra room.  We didn't expect the seeds to sprout so quickly.  They're going to need to be transplanted long before the outdoors is ready for them.  It's all good.

How's your life rearranging itself into a better model?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Familial Good Things

I had dinner with my parents. We engaged in several great conversations, mostly about my Great Aunt and other family members.  I'm always fascinate by family history. Sometimes, I look further back than my own parents. They had many great adventures, met interesting people and immersed themselves in a variety of cultures.  I learn something every time we sit down and chat. Even now, when age and illness have shaped their lives, they continue to share insight and opinion.  They are both well-read and interested in the world as it continues to change. 

It's never a dull moment around our house.  And when I take the time to listen and ask questions, it's actually quite interesting.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Odd Good Thing

Today was my friend's dad's memorial service. You wouldn't think I'd count it as a Good Thing but it was a true celebration of this man's life. Standing room only, the auditorium rang with voices raised in praise, in laughter, and song. Of course there were tears.  A man so full of joy, wonder and silliness is going to be deeply missed.  I was so proud of my friend, of the words he chose to sketch an honest picture of his dad.  Doug McLean touched a lot of lives. Whether you met him once, or knew him for a lifetime, he made a deep impression.

He was full of schemes and ideas and curiosity about the way the world worked - as well as how to make it better.  He opened his home to all that needed that a hand, shared all that he had, all that he'd learned. 

His son and I have known each other for lifetimes. It's not always been easy to share space but we've persevered.  Father and son were very alike in both the maddening and magical.  Guess which usually wins out?

It was nice to sit at the back of the room with our friends and my mother. To watch people celebrate not only Doug's life but the life he built with his wife of 60 years, Betty, and their children. To see his sons stand with his stance, waving their hands to make their point. To hear their laughs, deep and booming, full of humour and appreciation for a story well-told.

I held my mom's hand and was so grateful to be sharing the day with her. To know that my life has been full of people that care about each other, help each other and teach each and every one of us that life is an amazing gift. Unwrap it, enjoy it, revel in it.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Silly Good Things

Epiphanies exploded all around me today. It was fantastic. I'd lost my way a bit during the week but it's all better now. I no longer have green skin and shoot fireballs from my palms, but I know now that potential is always there. It's okay to channel it into clearing out space for more beneficial things.

I still have post-migraine brain so colours actually hurt my head. That interferes with my plan to have more colour in my life.  It will go away now. I willed it so.

This will come as no surprise to anyone, but LAUGHTER, no matter how big or small, is the absolute best medicine for all of us, short or tall.  Being able to laugh at oneself, that's the best medicine of all.

Holy rhyming, Batman. It wasn't deliberate but apparently Dr. Seuss has taken up residence in my brain. 

How was your day?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Medicinal Good Things

On top of the temple headache I've had for months, today I was hit by a migraine that drove me insane. It was a particularly sunny day, which I appreciated plenty this morning. Then halfway through my work day - whomp. A coworker gave me some advil then I took some naproxin several hours later when I got home from work. It took hours to get relief.  But finally. I'm pressing on the ear seeds like the madwoman I am.

Oddly, what really helped settle my stomach was coming home and burying my face in Ky's neck fur. It was the only smell that didn't make me feel like heaving. Weird. I pet him for awhile and it really helped. In all liklihood it was more a relaxation factor than anything. I don't really care. It worked.  I'm writing it here so I remember for next time.

I hope you were able to enjoy the day.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Good writing things

The idea of focusing on the positive was discussed at length today. It doesn't negate or even counter-balance the negative but it feels better. I hate being miserable. I don't enjoy the physicality of it, let alone the emotional pummeling.  Laughing feels better. Smiling feels better. Optimism feels better.

Today, I met with two of my writer friends for lunch and brainstorming. We've been each other's support team for seventeen years. We've all grown and stretched as writers, as human beings - as friends.  We fleshed out Brenda's new series, named my last character and let down the side for Marilyn.  We did set a new schedule and deadlines for each other to meet.  Accountability goes a long way to increasing productivity. 

We also came up with a game plan for at least two writing getaways this year.  Fingers crossed that I can switch up some of my vacation time to accommodate those plans.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Funny Good Things

Stuff happened today. Some of it was my stuff triggered by other people's stuff.  Technical stuff happened too. Good and bad.

Ultimately, everything is fine. When it wasn't, I amused myself by catching up with The Bloggess. She has no idea how much she makes me laugh. Not only that, she inspires me. Bad things happen in her life, in her head.  While we only see a glimmer of her life but she always puts a funny spin on the insanity.  Perspective, she has it.  And she shares, so I often walk away from her blog with more than I went in with.  I really tried to make that last sentence grammatically correct but it sounded very pretentious when I said it out loud. 

What makes you laugh and/or gives you perspective when you need it most?

Monday, March 11, 2013

Mostly Harmless* good things

Today's Google doodle made me smile the second I saw it.  I sill miss Douglas Adams.  My favourite memory is when So long, and thanks for all the fish came out. We literally sat at the breakfast nook and watched each other read.

Weather was Spring like for the second day in a row. Rain threatened but didn't deliver until AFTER Ky and I played out there for a bit.  I love when his fur smells like fresh air.

Not an earth-shattering day of Good Things but some days the little things go a very long way.

Was your Good Thing awesome or alright?

*entry about Earth in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Good socks

I've just finished a surprise pair of socks for my mom. She was tickled pink (and green and blue) by the yarn and the finished project.  Much thanks to Stashaholic for the yarn in the first place. I benefited from a bit of a stashbusting on her part.

Now I'm using the swift to wind a skein onto the nostepinne. I preferred Stashaholic's notepinne to my own but it's all good. My friend Kate bought this yarn to make socks for her husband but never got a chance to do anything with it before she died.  I'm going to finish that project for her. 

I still haven't finished my Tunisian crochet scarf out of Stashaholic's handspun but I will. It's light enough that I can do it as the weather warms.

Speaking of which, today was lovely and warm.  I wasn't the only one out there with a Spring in her step. 

I hope you had lots of fresh air and at least One Good Thing today.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Entertaining Good Things

I stayed up late reading Oz the Great and Powerfu this afternoon. It was much better than I expected.  It entertained us.  Go see it. You won't want your money back. Some of it just needs the big screen to get the full effect.  We passed on the 3D version. 

We stopped for groceries on the way home.  DNi grabbed everything and wouldn't let me carry.  I teased her.  "You're young and beautiful. Save yourself."  She immediately shot back with, "I want to be strong too."  She will do well in life, that girl.

I explained International Women's Day to her and asked who she thought was a woman she admired.  Her answer - Harriet Tubman - included an (unprompted) explanation of the Great Conductor of the Underground Railroad.  "Although she only led ten mission, she was responsible for booking passage for over 600 people."  The kid has her dad's memory banks.

Then she followed up with Laura Secord - and Me.  I've taught her the importance of family and loyalty. Wow.  I thought we were goofing around a lot today. Silly walks. Bright colours.  Twilight movies.  It turns out she pays attention to all of the day-to-day stuff as well. 

I hope your days was as entertaining and profound as mine.

Friday, March 08, 2013

Technical Good Things

I called Shaw Direct yesterday because the satellite receiver was toast. That was the official diagnosis.  It would take three to five business days for the replacement to arrive.  Less than 24 hours later I have a bright new shiny HD satellite receiver.   Thanks to the helpful gentleman who helped me set it up I can watch HD on my HD TV.  It's neat to actually see that feature in work.

I've been on a roll with customer service lately.  That's good. 

How was your day?

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Yin and Yang Good Things

I got a lot of piddly, mathematical tasks accomplished today. That's a big deal because I'm not a fan of numbers. I'm dyslexic in that regard so math can pose a challenge. Mistakes were made but they weren't mine. They were fixed, at no cost to myself, so that was a Good Thing indeed.

I rediscovered Howard Skempton's music tonight.  I asked an old friend about a mixed tape he'd made me years ago and Skempton was his response. Lento was commissioned by the BBC for their symphony in 1990.  It's haunting and sticks with you.  I haven't heard it for fifteen years but was instantly transported back in time within three notes.

What music soothes you most after a hard day?

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Fantastic Things

While it was an okay writing day for me personally, it was a great writing day for me to observe ideas and writers.

I took a notebook downstairs and asked my dad to list all the places he'd traveled to through the Canadian military. My list was three pages long. It should have been four but I doubled up the columns on one page.  He has not been to South America, Australia or Antarctica. He has been to all ten provinces and two territories when that's all they were called back in the 70's.  In seventeen years, my father saw the world. It has changed a lot since then.  Listening to him talk about those experiences is better than any show on the History Channel.  Well, except for Vikings. I really like vikings.

This evening was the third installment of Wine and Words. This time was hosted by Chateau des Charmes.  Way back in college, my first year film class made a film that followed the grape from the field to the bottle. We shot the bottling sequence at this winery.  It was nice to be back.  I had the chardonnay paired with salmon and horseradish butter on a sour cream and chive scone.  Delicious.

Tonight's author was Terry Fallis.  He's a dynamic speaker and an excellent writer.  He involves the audience in the entire experience and has a great sense of humour. I laughed so hard, I knocked over my wineglass and broke it. His latest book, Up and Down is a fun journey with some poignant moments about a PR firm that launches two civilians, one Canadian and one American, into space.

I was fortunate enough to receive a free copy tonight. Out of the kindness of someone's heart. There was no contest, no hidden agenda. I didn't have cash on me and the vendor didn't take debit.  I was stunned and touched by the generosity of the gift.  I had Mr. Fallis sign it for my dad.

Next month's author is Maureen Jennings. In keeping with ties to my college years, one of my former classmates is a writer/producer/director on the Murdoch Mysteries which is based on Ms Jennings books.  I'm looking forward to that night out. Coincidentally, it will be held on my birthday. It would great to have you all come celebrate with me that night.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Random thoughts that are all good

McB has this One Daily Thing philosophy so that you don't get overwhelmed by chores. Just do one a day.  I've never been good at that. Stuff needs to be done and I need to do it all at once. Lately, I've found myself adopting a bit of her philosophy and it's working. I cleaned most of the back room today. It needed a lot of organizing.  And tossing of junk.  One little corner still needs work but I was tired and out of room.  Garbage day isn't until Friday.

Why are my shin bones exposed and my calves fat?   It's not One Good Thing but it is something I wonder on occasion.

Some progress was made on the never-ending bathroom leak.  Friday should see more progress. I'll let you know.

Thanks to some brainstorming with friends, I'm on the penultimate scene of the first section of the horror story.  Tomorrow's afternoon plans were canceled so I should be able to finish knocking that out.

I had a great conversation with Mom today about travel.  We'd like to see the world. My dad's seen it. He'd like to stay home and read the paper.

How was your day?

Monday, March 04, 2013

Little Boy humour

My friend's little boy is six years old. He's autistic but I think most of the funny things he does are because he's a boy. She called me tonight to tell me his latest exploit and while it may not tickle everyone's funny bone, we laughed for a solid five minutes.  There may be something wrong with us.  He was very proud of the fact that his penis could connect with the hole on his rubber duck.    At one point in the summer she had to tell him not to touch the flower with his penis.  Honest to God, I laughed so hard, tears came to my eyes.

He will kill us when he's older and learns we told these stories on the Internet.  Her Facebook statuses about her son are hilarious.  A few months ago, she went into the kitchen for a moment. When she came back, he'd turned on Spongebob. She told him she didn't think that was a good cartoon to watch. He suggested she leave the room.

I love little boys. Their sense of wonder is so different from little girls. My niece will be staying with me this weekend and now that she's 11 our activities will be so much more adult than they used to be. I miss the silliness.  At least she doesn't have a penis that can do all those amazing tricks.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Timely Good Things

I woke up laughing this morning. Silly dream.

There was time for me to have a smoothie and a chai latte with a friend before I headed to work. I thought I was going to be late but the slow-moving truck in front of me turned left and I went straight.

I was home in time to watch the last 74 laps of the NASCAR race in Phoenix. Congratulations to Carl Edwards, though I highly doubt he reads this blog.

Ky and I played a lot while supper was cooking, then again while oatmeal bars baked.  Yum.  He thought they were for him. Silly puppy.

We turned the Canadian Screen Awards on in time to see some of our favourites celebrated at home.  It may not have the glitz and glamour of the Oscars but it definitely had the talent.

I hope your day had some great timing.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Clean good things

Last time I visited with Stashaholic she showed me a jar of lemons filled with vinegar. She swore by its incredible cleaning power.  I came home and filled an old pickle jar with three quartered lemons and some white vinegar. Every time I ate an orange, I tossed the peels inside the jar.  That was a few months ago. You're supposed to strain the contents after two weeks.  I did it today. I filled a smaller jar as well as a spray bottle with citrus vinegar.  I tossed all of the lemon and orange peels into the food processor and pulverized them. I toss the mulch into a bowl, added some baking soda and stood back. That stuff bubbled up and over the lip. A wooden spoon caught the overflow. I have SCRUBBED my bathroom with the mush.  Actually, all I did was toss a handful into each of the basins.  The vinegar and baking soda did all of the work.  I seriously thought of tossing some into the wash with my whites but was afraid of pulp in the towels. 

I didn't know that I have a zillion little cuts on my hands. I do know. However, a soothing salve made from a blend of coconut and olive oils fixed that up.

It's so nice to have the house all to myself tonight. It might stay clean for more than five minutes.  I doubt it will be more than six though. The animals are all home and wanting attention.

How's your day been?

Remembering good things

Brutal headache until I pressed on my ear seeds. I love those things.

Dinner and a movie with three good friends as we remembered Kate. Stories were shared, laughter occurred and my yarn disappeared.

How was your night?