Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cleaning Good Things

Ky spent the day sick so I had to change my plans. We did mostly indoor chores though I did weed the garden along the side of the house when we were outside.  Poor puppy.

It took a couple of months but I finally got around to counting all the pennies from my birthday party. I didn't want gifts, and the Canadian penny was decommissioned so I asked people to bring them for charity. The kids really got into it.  They collected pennies for weeks leading up to the party. Together, they brought $19.50 for water, and $23 for Mel Swart Conservation Area.  I'll count and roll my own pennies another day to contribute to the charities.

I sorted all the yarn and filled the cabinet.  There were a couple of half finished projects that don't have patterns so I can't finish them.   That was disappointing.

I cleaned the house and got all the clean laundry put away - just in time to start more laundry.

Let's hope Ky feels better tomorrow. I have other things to do, other places to go.  The silver lining on the day really was how much work I got done here that I haven't had time for the last few weeks.  And my floors are spotless. 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday night

One conversation had a disappointing start but ended well. Another started optimistically and finished on a disappointing note.  Balance.  My life has it.

Okay, maybe not. But. I am working on it.

I brought the rest of the yarn down out of the attic. Tomorrow, I'll sort and place inside the yarn cupboard.  I really love how organized everything is in the reclaimed family heirloom.

Last night, I tore out an entire wrap that was 3/4 complete. I just couldn't find the original way I'd executed the stitches. By starting fresh, it will be a stronger construction. It will retain the shape, yarn and essence without all of the mistakes. I'll likely make new ones. I suspect there's a life lesson to be had by trying to make it into something I used to do and just making a big mess in the attempt.

I received a very lovely, and unexpected, card in the mail today.  I am humbled.

How was your day?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Memory jam

I'm cranky and miserable BUT at least One Good Thing happened today.  I was able to check four things off today's to-do list. Usually when I'm in a mood, I'm lucky to get one done.

Yesterday, I climbed the ladder and picked mulberries from the tree on the front lawn. While up there, I thought of my uncle's fruit farm. I think we were actually third cousins but we called him Uncle Winston.  He was an older man and quite a character. I drive past the farm all the time. It's been sold out of the family, but the good memories remain ours.  He grew cherries and peaches and a few vegetables - enough to supply the local cannery as well as employee a significant portion of the family.  Hollyhocks grew beside the porch. I cannot see them without thinking of his lovely wife, Aunt Mary.

Today, for the first time in a couple of decades, I made jam.  It is delicious. I may have been walking around Canadian Tire regretting the big purge a few years ago in which the canning pot left us, but I didn't succumb to that big purchase (I had to replace an element on the stove). I made do with a pot we had downstairs. I suspect I will give in at some point, buy some jars and other accessories. It will depend how well the garden grows this year.

Standing over the pot, stirring the fruit with the sugar, took me back to my first year of college. I was staying in my grandparents' cottage while they were in Florida for the winter. Mom and I harvested the grapes and plums in the back yard. We filled my pantry with jams from both.  My place was popular with my classmates as I'd also received an enormous tub of peanut butter as a Christmas present. All anyone had to buy was bread.  PB&J from my place was delicious, nutritious and full of family nurturing.

Who knew jam was so full of good memories?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wednesday night good things

One Good Thing about walking 32k the other day was that today's 7k felt like nothing. It might have actually been closer to 9k. I wasn't keeping track. The sun was shining and hot, the bugs were out but so were the chipmunks and blue jays. It was nice to walk along and reflect on how different a trek it is with two people vs a thousand.

I have my Great Granny's cabinet in my living room and it has yarn in it. Today I cleaned up the two small chests I picked up last week and tucked them on either side of the cabinet. Then I went back to the house and picked up an old wooden tool chest my great-uncle made, two boxes of photographs, slides and filmstrips as well as the projector to show them on. Once I've cleaned out the trunk, I'll store all the photographs inside it.  That might take some time. I still have to figure out where to put the chest. 

DNe, his girlfriend and I went out for drinks with an old friend of mine who brought a friend of his. It was an eclectic mix of energy and ideas. Time just flew while we discussed time travel, Columbus, Picasso, healing power of animals, jobs, creativity, life and death.  I enjoy conversations like that a great deal. We made plans to do it all again in a few weeks.

It's interesting to me how much easier it is to think of Good Things now that I'm doing it all the time. I was furious this evening because the neighbours had cut the lower branches off the trees at the side of my house. Apparently, they had asked my dad who said it was okay.  But it wasn't okay with me.  Not because I thought the branches should stay - they were impeding the view from the stop sign - but because there were nests in two of the trees. Now I have three trees who are lop-sided while two different bird families are homeless. The One Good Thing?  The babies had fledged. Another Good Thing? I had planned to do the tree trimming next week.  By looking for the good thing, I lost a lot of my temper.  It wasn't serving a purpose.  I can even out the branches and make sure the trees understand what happened while I do it.  They know more than we think they do.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday good things

Last week we wedged the china cabinet in the stairwell.  I don't know what we were thinking. Today, we picked it up and carried it up the stairs and placed it against the wall. In less than two minutes. I had a lot of fun filling it with yarn.  There's room for more which is convenient considering the containers of yarn in the attic.

Later,  I sat on the  floor and wiped down a small chest of drawers with lemon oil. The wood was thirsty.  I need to get pulls for the drawers instead of the nails that are there now.

Ky and I weeded a few spots in the garden, used the push mower on the grass and watered the plants. I selfishly ate all four strawberries fresh off
the vine. I was given an easy jam recipe that I'm going to try on the mulberries later this week.
There were a few challenges today. I'm fortunate that friends were able to remind me that all will be well. And my coworker reminded me to laugh at life. So I did.

I hope there was humour in your day.

Monday, June 24, 2013

So many good things

Thursday's One Good Thing involved flirting.  I haven't done that in awhile and it felt good.  The last few days seem to have been about connections. No matter how temporary or tenuous, they do get made.

A great friend let me crash on her couch the night before the big walk. I didn't sleep much but that had more to do with anticipation than anything. We laughed long and hard that night. The gala was so much fun.  We ogled a man in uniform, chatted with Olympians, applauded the brief speeches, sampled wine and delicious food. I love the view from the top of Queenston Heights.  There's so much history there, it's impossible to ignore. Not just the history of a people coming into their own identity, and the realization of how vital that identity was, but personal history too.

Canada is on the left of the river, the United States on the right.  The river still takes my breath away.

On our way home, we drove down to the river's edge and spent some time with a fox kit. It was summer solstice and he lay at the edge of the trees, dozing in the setting sun.  There was something incredibly magical about all of it, and profoundly peaceful. 

The morning dawned ridiculously early, and me with it. Up, dressed and out the door by 530 so I could start the walk with hundreds of others. I wasn't the only one in costume but I did seem to attract a lot of attention. I gave up trying to figure out why and smiled for all of the photos. 2km into the route, a woman gave me agorgeous bouquet of roses from her garden.  They were a lovely antique pinky cream. I carried them for quite some time, all the way to Niagara College, which is just under the halfway point of the 32km trek.  Then I passed them off to my mom for safekeeping.

We were so blessed with historically accurate weather (hot and humid), fantastic volunteers who made sure everyone got to the end safely, quick acting medics, enthusiastic walkers. Honestly, as a group, we kept each other all going.  Joey the dog trotted along beside us all the way to the college. I lost sight of him and his owner there when I stopped to fill up my water bottle and connect with a few other people.  A woman in a knee brace and walking sticks made the entire distance.  Her determination and enthusiasm was inspiring.  I shared salted nuts with a man in need of knee support. He hadn't really prepared his body for the walk but after getting medical treatment at one of the way stations, he went on.  Three sisters continually played leapfrog with our group as did a couple from up north.  We had to stop a few times and attend to things but overall, it was a satisfying day.  Every single time I thought of quitting, and there were a few, someone usually bolstered me and kept me going.

The day was full of good things. Water when we needed it. Shade when we were desperate, humour on the part of everyone we came in contact with, plastic, wool and stuffed cows all seemed to travel together.  So many friendly faces. All the different shades of green in the forest. The vibrant shades of blue, purple and yellow on the various weeds through the fields. The welcome red of the volunteer tees.  Big big smiles and cheers as we passed by people. The welcoming committee on the bridge.  Sure, they were waiting for the Prime Minister's Wife but I knew most of them.  Their familiar faces were a boon.  There was wooded hills and benches made from trees. Wide paths.  And the smell of all the wildflowers. The smells were so good.

Sunday was a quiet day spent recovering. One Good Thing about all the tossing and turning I did that night was it kept me from getting stiff and sore.  Apart from exhaustion, heatstroke and hyper-hydration, I felt pretty good. All those weeks and weeks of practice walks did their job.  Most of the day involved slow stretches and deep thought about the people I'd met along the journey - Saturday's 32km and the four months I've been on Team Laura.  I'm so incredibly blessed.

Today's good things were as profound yet less dramatic.  Tidying up her kitchen while I chatted with my mom.  Weeding around the freesia that has finally started to show itself by the back step.  Dinner with a good friend.  Snuggling on the couch with Ky, Milo and Yoda all at the same time. We broke a few house rules doing it but they deserve my attention after so much benign neglect.

It's odd. We weren't walking for a cause. It wasn't a fundraiser. It was reliving history in our own way.  There was a great deal of community support.  Lives were changed. Never doubt that you connect people and events, that you impact those around you.  YOU are important. Vital. Necessary. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Two days of good things

Yesterday, we got all of the signs for the trail then went out and put them up. Two of us did the last two sections. We broke the screwdriver at the beginning of the last section. Fortunately, we had lots of zip ties so we used those.  There was a good breeze, sunny blue skies and only one tick found at the end of the day. Not too shabby.

I love that walk. Beautiful scenery, gorgeous scent of wild roses, squirrels, chipmunks and the occasional deer to keep one company and a strong sense of history. Granted the last two kilometres can be rough. Apparently the ascent is 73 feet, almost a straight climb though it's been widened and switchbacked to make it less taxing. After walking 30 km though, it's a struggle.  What a sense of accomplishment, however.  I barely had time to shower and head to work. But I felt so good about the day.  Didn't post because I came home, watched season one of Arrested Development (a refresher before I start the new season) and worked on a shawl that's been problematic. I've learned how to do the stitches properly since I started it four years ago. I have to remember how to do them wrong so the whole thing matches.  I don't want to start over because of the people who were with me when I cast on.  Yep, I'm silly.

Today was full of treasures. I picked up four boxes of photographs, slides, films and mason jars from my Great Aunt's place.  I also scored several paintings my great great grandpa did. Those were particularly wonderful to bring home on my DNe's birthday.  I could be imagining it but there's a similarity of style there.

Then we wedged the china cabinet on the stairwell moving it upstairs to my living room.  That was equal parts frustrating and hilarious.  We eventually managed to move it back down to the main floor relatively unscathed.  We'll try again tomorrow. I *think* I've figured it out.  Hope springs eternal.

Things are really starting to come together.  It will be a hectic few days. Don't be surprised if I'm silent til the end of the weekend.  I'm not sure how much free time I'll have, but trust me, I'll have lots of Good Things to share.  They're everywhere.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Growing good things

One Good Thing about the day - Ky's vet appointment went well.  He was happy to be done and got lots of belly rubs for allowing the tech to take blood from his jugular.  He has too much fur for them to be able to get anything out of his leg,even with shaving.  He's a good boy.

We went home and worked in the garden. Ky loves to help me weed.  He wasn't as thrilled with the way I hacked through the roses and honeysuckles but he did try to play ball with the fish.  They didn't toss it back.

I planted tomatoes and poppies, sowed spinach and cucumber seeds and dug out lemon balm and plantain.  It was good to get my hands dirty.  I start with gloves but usually take them off. Nothing beats the feel of warm earth. 

Quiet night working on a few things.  It's good to be able to think for a bit without distraction.  No real conclusions yet but processing takes time.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day Good things

One good thing about the rain this morning was it softened the earth to make weeding easier. Both dogs helped by eating grass in the flower beds. Ky was covered in rose petals as the bush is overflowing and blossoms are raining to the ground. Now he smells pretty.

One good thing about passing the dress making off to someone else is how much time it gave me to do something vitally important.

Dad and I spent the afternoon "watching NASCAR and drinking beer" which he said in the Bubba J voice a few too many times.

Then we had shish kabobs on the grill and talked about many of his life experiences. It was a great conversation and I was happy to spend time with him. Even though we live in the same house, separate apartments, most of our time is spent communicating the important and immediate details of our lives. I've been making an effort to get to know him better. I love my parents a lot and realize how fortunate I am to have both of them in my life.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday good things

Great walk this morning. Just under 19km - and I picked up some gorgeous white fabric with a lace border. I have no idea what I'm going to create with it but it was 50% off and irresistible.

I also succumbed to my lack of skill, knowledge and experience.  I called a friend to come help finish sewing the regency dress. I'm hand-sewing a reticule of my own design. That way I can carry my phone, inhaler and water bottle on the trail next week.

One good thing about staying home with another wretched allergic reaction tonight was comforting Ky who wasn't well either.  No, he didn't get into anything. He has a vet appointment on Monday.

Plus there was a Pierce Brosnan Bond marathon.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Little things

On a day where I struggled with a very bad headache, it was the little things that reminded me life is good.

I saw a homemade sign that I thought read: Gertian Shepherd Pups for sale.  Obviously it said German but I giggled for several miles trying to picture Gertian shepherds.  What would they look like?

I had a spirited discussion with the single dad whose little daughter is a shoe princess. Apparently, she's gifted in languages. I told him one day she will save the world with her love of books.

My friend/coworker's goodbye dinner was tonight. We laughed so hard at all the shared memories.  He grew up in front of our eyes. 

The patron who suffered a heart attack the other day ambled through the door this afternoon.  His thank-you was heartfelt. I asked him never to do that again. He said he would try not to.  He was very touched by our concern.  I was so happy to see him upright.

So nightmares may have blotted my morning, and the headache narrowed my vision but other people reminded me that life is good.

Gertian Shepherds for everyone!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Artistic good things

My talented DNe gave a talk at the NXNE festival in Toronto today.  We managed not to get killed in the crazy city traffic where people walk behind a car backing into a space, sudden stops, abrupt left turns and other madness.

We checked out a fantastic talk by Johnny Cupcakes in which DNe took him at his word about networking with everyone. During a brief lull in the talk, he approached the man on stage.  Granted, it was to apologize for our leaving before the talk was over but email addresses were exchanged.   The whole thing was really cool as this is an entrepreneur DNe has admired for some time. We had a small window before his own talk, and Johnny Cupcakes was the window display.  Very cool. And worth the $30 parking ticket.

DNe's talk went very well. 

The bulk of it was over and we were sitting outside on the patio with other attendees discussing the many variables of being creative when the rains came. I had run the paintings indoors with the first drops.  A few hardy people stayed outside talking in the downpour but eventually moved inside to continue the conversation.  More email addresses were exchanged.

NXNE has been introducing the world to amazing new bands for 19 years. This is the inaugural art festival.  If you're in Toronto this weekend, check out both.  There is so much to see, to hear. 

It was wonderful to hear the passion in DNe's voice, to watch him engage other people in creative conversations.  Art really can change the world.

Who is your favourite artist?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

One Good Thing

One Good Thing about this blog is no matter what my mood, frustrations or disappointments, at the end of every day I sit down and think of at least one good thing that happened today.  It makes a difference. People are still goofs, fabric is still not as wide as it said it was, etc., etc., etc.

A friend I've been trying to get ahold of for weeks, who had changed her phone number and not given it to me, called and we caught up. There's been a lot of upheaval in her life lately.  Apparently, she left a message with her phone number a couple of weeks ago but no one remembers that. Nevermind, we're back in touch and that really was a good thing. It was great to hear her voice.

My cousin dropped off a box of photo albums from my great-aunt's house. I'm going to scan them and add to the ever-growing digital collection I have. Once I do these and the other 3/4 of the collection, I'll put them on a digital frame so my great-aunt can view them whenever she wishes. All the cousins will have access to them as well. We will preserve the family history for the next generation.

It's pretty impressive that my DNi and DNe know their great-great-aunt.  They are both old enough that they will remember her the rest of their lives.

That puts today's annoyances into perspective.

Thank you for listening.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Several good things

I spent a significant portion of the day tracing The Dress (Regency gown that I need for Monday) pattern onto tracing paper so that I could use it to cut out the fabric for the dress.  This has caused me fits of anxiety because 1)I don't sew 2)I need it for Monday 3)there's a certain level of authenticity required 4)I don't sew.  Tackling that part of the job has given me the confidence to take the next step - tomorrow. My nerves are shot today.

Just as we were preparing to close up shop for the night, one of our regular patrons suffered a heart attack.  One very good thing is that we all just completed CPR and defibrillator training two weeks ago. All of it was still fresh in our minds. We quietly and calmly went about the tasks required to keep the man alive until the paramedics arrived.  We stayed calm. He stayed calm and when he left he said he'd see us again soon.  I sincerely hope so.

Afterward, one of our other regular patrons joked that we really do provide a variety of services. I told him we were well-trained but I'd appreciate it if he didn't utilize all of our skill and knowledge.

I do tend to laugh the more serious a situation.  Humour has a way of uniting us, lowering blood pressure and cutting through formality.  But standing there watching this man gasp for breath, I was incredibly grateful for all of the experiences I've had over the years that keep me on an even keel in a crisis.

I am surrounded by smart people. By funny people. Compassionate people. Talented people. Loving people.

Thank you for being one of them.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Rainy good things

The rain barrel is overflowing and so is the pond. Ky and I went out to bail the latter and were both soaked to the bone. I have no idea why I found that so funny but I did.  We were also covered in rose petals so we smelled pretty.

There was enough of a break in the rain for me to pop over to DeCew House and take some photos from multiple angles for DNe.  There are several different colours of stone that I'd never noticed. It was kind of cool to look at the old building through an artist's eye.

I can hear the steady strike of rain against the roof next door and the ground below my living room window. It's a soothing sound. Yes, we're soggy outside but warm and toasty inside. I'm going to dig up a good book, curl up on the couch and ignore all the tasks that are frustrating me.  Frustration makes it less likely to accomplish those chores. 

Tomorrow is another day.  Today was a good one.  All that water made for some interesting perspective shifts.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

One Good Thing about getting up with the sun is beating the heat on the trail.  Traffic is light, no one else is on the trail and the air is fresh. 

We walked from Queenston to Niagara College and marked the trail with tape. This will make it much easier to place the signs when they come in next week. We also measured and marked the spots that require rope.  Not only was it a good walk but I felt so productive. We had to stop and buy more tape before we finished up at DeCou House.  That's the longest I've walked in one day. It was fantastic.

One of the volunteers told me about a house that has the same floor plan as DeCou House so we drove by it.  I'm going to take DNe over there tomorrow so that he can envision it for the painting he's doing as part of the Battle of Beaverdams festivities.

One Good Thing about all of the rain we've had lately is my pond is filled to the brim. I guess the repair held.  I had to bail it this evening to make room for the rain that's coming over the next two days.  As this time last year was dangerously dry,  I'll work my abs and upper body bailing and watering.

I'm tired but it's a good, used-lots-of-different-muscle-groups kind of way.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

100 years well lived

This is my great-aunt, Jeannette Ethel in June, 1913

And on her wedding day a few years later with her handsome groom, George Sutherland
Yesterday was her 100th birthday.  Today, we threw a party to celebrate
She is a treasure, a joy and sharp as a tack.  I adore her completely and am incredibly grateful to still have her a vibrant part of my life.

One more good thing about today, besides seeing family I haven't spent time with for awhile, is that Mom was given a day pass from the hospital to join us in the celebrations.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Home sweet home

One Good Thing about the end of a wonderful vacation is being home.  My stuff, my people, my routines, my furry friends. Ky shot out the door last night, past me and halfway down the porch steps when he wheeled around and ran back in. I guess it took him a moment to realize I was the one that opened the door to let him outside.  He wasn't too happy I went to work this morning (and running on four hours sleep, I wasn't exactly thrilled myself) but I came home tonight so all is right in his world.

Sure there were chores to be done, laundry to wash, groceries to purchase, a bird bed to repair as Yoda chewed his in a fit of pique while I was away, but overall, it's nice to be home.

I put up my Secretariat photo.  He looks like he belongs there. 

I do have other photos to share from my trip south. It wasn't all horses.  Once I get completely unpacked, I'll share more.  I may have thought of one or two of you while I was away. 

Tomorrow is my great-aunt's birthday party. She turned 100 years old today.  That's a milestone worth celebrating.  The best part - apart from things wearing out, she's in great shape.  I have fantastic genes.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Traveling Good Things

A dear friend drove up from North Carolina yesterday to visit me in Virginia. I cannot tell you how special that makes me feel.  The three of us spent the afternoon sitting on the porch, talking, laughing, forgetting to pick young man-child up from school. To add insult to injury, he had to feed himself dinner as we never got around to eating it ourselves.

I can't tell you what we talked about, partly because I don't remember most of it. They were the conversations three people have about the people they care about, places they wish to see, how they want to travel and every other topic that crosses their minds.  By the time we realized the time,  it was far too late for the return drive to North Carolina.

This morning dawned cloudy and beset by Tropical Storm Andrea. We shared coffee, tea, toast and the last of the fresh berries from the weekend. RSS offered to make french toast but we declined.

A fun trip to local shops for some last minute souvenirs led to some infamous stores, unique gifts and an amazing find - a full color photo of Secretariat in a frame made from part of Meadow Farm's fence. What an incredible gift from my two friends. It's traveling carry-on with me as I head home. Let's home the storm let's us all safely pass.

Lunch was a lovely meal with tomato orange soup that had a light refreshing taste. I spent most of the afternoon enticing my friends to kidnap their husbands for a relaxing vacation north of the border.

The last few days have been full. Too many Good Things to recount. While I've enjoyed the locations, it was the people who made the travel worthwhile. I am truly blessed.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Avian good things

Taking vacation-dog, Zeke, who showed up on the porch one night several years ago, is a joy. He has lots of energy and enthusiasm, not to mention he likes to look up at trees while we walk. The goats down the road amuse me more than him. He's busy sniffing flowers or watching for squirrels.

Sitting on the beautiful wraparound porch in the late afternoon sun means we're serenaded by downy woodpeckers, cedar waxwings, bluebirds, cardinals, nuthatches and the buzz of hummingbirds. I've never seen the latter sit still til one settled on a bare branch this evening. By far, my favorite was the four newly hatched chicks in the nest in the hat of the snowman wind chime. As soon as one of the parents landed on the nest, it was like a pressure plate activated the babies. Four fuzzy heads popped up, mouths open wide.

We had a lazy day walking downtown past old shops and houses that fronted the main street rail line. It boggled my mind that trains cut right through the middle of the street. At least five went past while we were wandering.

Lots of fresh air, walking and some good conversations, not to mention Irish cream over ice, have zapped all my energy. I actually had a much-needed nap this afternoon. Vacations can be exhausting.

How are you doing?

Equine good things

My mom has always been a big fan of horse racing. I was in my twenties before I stopped scheduling my Spring around the Kentucky Derby. I was the right age during Secretariat's reign to fall completely in love. I wore racing colours, chewed Big Red gum and debated the greatness of Man o' War vs Secretariat.

You can imagine, therefore, how thrilled I was to discover that I'd be staying two minutes away from his birthplace. We spent a good portion of yesterday wandering around the boundaries of the old farm, discussing the lost history and shame of losing the old manor home. When we got up behind the old ponds, through the trees, I saw a big bay horse racing game across a field. For an instant, I was transported back in time.  Such joy, exhilaration flew from the horse's hooves. He slowed and turned and as we came up to the fence, he tossed his mane then posed for pictures. (I can't upload from my camera to my tablet but I will share them all later)

It felt incredible, not only to see a place that is an iconic part of my growing up, but for a brief moment experience the essence of what it represented to me - flight.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Vacation Good Things

Friday morning started early. My plane did not crash, explode or kill me in any way. As I had been concerned about that for the first time in my life, I was greatly relieved. The rest of the weekend was amazing. The osprey fished right in front of the cottage, the heron flew past the windows, the little cat raced up and down the stairs. I walked into town, grabbed Tums for one of my friends, headed back and made my 14k for the day. We kayaked every day. I tried two different sunscreens and didn't get hives.  We ate well, laughed often and slept little. I took pictures while out on the Bay, mostly of the sky and my toes but I know what they're supposed to be and sleep they work well as a reminder that life is good.

How are things with you?