Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pond things

It was another beautiful Spring day - which was great because I spent four hours working on the pond leak.  Last night, I noticed the water level was unbelievably low so I went and bought a new pond liner. I used an online calculator to determine how much liner I needed. About five feet more than the calculator told me.  I laid the new liner over the old liner, then used garbage bags to cover the small area that didn't overlap.  So far, it looks good. No leak. Fingers crossed. I thought I'd fixed it the other day.  The fish are in a tub in my car right now.  It was too stressful to catch them so I'll leave them be until I'm confident all is well. I poured every single bucket of pond water through the fish net so that I didn't lose anyone in the muck.  I need more pond plants. Only three pieces survived. 

The important thing is the fish are alright. And it was soothing to be outdoors working so hard.  Soothing shouldn't be the right word but my mind did settle into a pattern of contentment. Plus, my skin feels great after the mud bath.

The good thing is I'm tired enough to sleep tonight. Yay.

Sorry I didn't take before pictures. I'll take an "after" picture tomorrow.

How was your day?

Monday, April 29, 2013

Blooming good things

One good thing about living around here is the beauty of Spring.  This tulip blooms in the library's garden.

 I've been busy busy the last couple of days. Hiking the Laura Secord Trail, work, Mom's actual party, work, hockey, racing, soccer, puppy belly rubs, committee planning, LIFE.

After today's meeting, I drove home via the orchard route.  Remember last week's lunch surrounded by apple trees?  This is what it looked like today.  Everyone, breathe deep.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Springly good things

It's a beautiful day outside. I rode my bike to work. I sat on the low stone wall by the museum for my break. It was too lovely to stay indoors. We weren't that busy for some strange reason.

It is my mom's birthday. Every day we have to spend with her is a gift.  I bought some gerbera daisies, a carrot cake and gorgeous glass pendant and earrings. They're white shot through with copper and a pale blue. I should take a photo of her wearing them. Holy smokes, I just remembered while writing this that I made socks for her weeks ago.  Sheesh.  At least I'll have something to give her at my brother's tomorrow.

I can hear cars racing at the local dirt track a few miles away.  There are a few fields between us and the low roar makes me think of summer. 

I ordered patterns for my Laura Secord costume.  Next week, I'll go look at fabric.  Then I'll learn to sew. 

How are things with you?

Friday, April 26, 2013

Active Good Things

One Good Thing about walking 10k this morning?  Both Ky and I are exhausted. We didn't see deer this time out but we did run into three dogs off-leash. Ky was not amused as he was leashed for the entire walk. There are a couple of places that he could have run free but I'm more comfortable having him attached to my waist.  I love my SPORN harness and hands-free leash.  So does Ky

After lunch, I went out and cleaned the garage. I also fixed (fingers crossed) the leak in the pond. It was so great to see Phin and his plethora of progeny swimming about.  I saw a vole scurry out from beneath the lining where it overlaps the rocks. That was the only rodent I saw.  The garage didn't reveal any large rodent habitation either.  Phew. That's why I was cleaning out there. I also set the rain barrel back up. I think we're good for deep freeze for a few months.

I haven't planted it yet but I bought myself a Spring blooming heather. Isn't it lovely?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Varied good things

Spring blooming heather, belly rubs for the dogs, lots of seedlings reaching for the sun, the smell of Spring rain(there's nothing quite like it)a lovely visit with my Great Aunt Jean, pretty jewelry box filled with memories, sweet green grapes and firm blackberries, hummus, laughing as my friends tease each other, Merry's quick wit, joking with my parents, pride in DNe's art, new hand soap that reminds me of my great-grandmother, a no-longer leaking shower.

Life is good.  For you also?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Frustrating good things

Our practice walk was canceled due to weather.  That worked out alright as we ended up addressing the leaking tub. Again. 

I got a few things removed from my to-do list. I accomplished a bunch of things that weren't on there. 

The bananas were too ripe for smoothies so I made gluten free, sugar free banana nut bread.  I learned how to make it vegan so I'll give that a whirl next time. It was delicious and very filling.

I'm working on a birthday present and don't have quite enough yarn. Fortunately, I have the wrapper and saw many many balls when I originally purchased yarn several weeks ago.  It's going to be a toasty warm gift though.

Tomorrow's to-do list is very long. 

The best thing about today was watching hockey with my dad. Mom was engrossed in a movie so he came up to my apartment to watch the first period. It reminded me so much of when we'd watch the Leafs with Grandpa.  My kid is a seven year old parrot who was cheering for a NASCAR driver while we watched the game. On Sunday, he will likely cheer for the Leafs. He knows which sport is which. He just likes to mess with us.

I'm going to read for a bit. Books make me happy. 

How about you?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Catching up

The last few days have actually been full of good things but I've spent so much time on the computer I keep forgetting to check in.  By the time I'm done my work, I just shut the sucker down and walk away. My apologies for not letting you know that the last few days have actually been pretty good.

Saturday was the party.
Sunday was recovery.  Reminiscing with a friend, finishing off open bottles of wine and laughing about character tweets for Vikings.  Looking at myself in photos from the night before I realized I am deep as well as wide, pretty much round all the way.  For some reason that kept us in giggles all day, the fact that I am deep. 
Monday was a good day at work followed by lots of paperwork then time in the yard. I filled the pond, moved old tree branches, planted freeshia bulbs.  DNe and I went to see Revolution to celebrate Earth Day.  To be honest, I was a bit overwhelmed by all that needs to be done on that front.  Without a planet to sustain us, it doesn't matter how healthy our bank accounts, relationships, bodies.  It's a mindset that still causes a lot of consternation to contemplate.  To me, it's a no-brainer.  I came home and researched a few other things we could do to lessen our impact. 
I rode my bicycle to work today.  The weather was perfect. Neither too hot nor too cold, it was a Baby Bear kind of day.  Apparently, all the walk I've done lately hasn't prepared me in the slightest to ride 2km.  That will improve with more practice.
A patron told me that shade of purple, almost fuchsia, is a great colour for me to wear.  Good thing as I really like it and have several outfits in that colour.
After my meeting this afternoon, I stopped at the market and bought a salad which I ate in the orchard.  Yes, I took the plastic home, washed and recycled it.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Great Things

Yesterday was amazing.  Up early and out the door to climb the escarpment as we scoped out another section of the legacy trail. It was a workout. The weather was ever-changing. Spring in the valley, winter snow on top of the trail.  The views were incredible. The idea that a lone woman made that part of her walk in the dark, fifteen hours after she'd left her home.

This is Laura's rock not far from where she would have crossed 12 mile creek

The evening was all about friendship.  Our house was full of laughter, cheering (Toronto's hard luck Leafs made the playoffs for the first time in nine years) and mingling all the different aspects of my life.  I am so blessed.  Blessed in all aspects of my life, and overwhelmed with appreciation for every single person who has shared themselves with me.

We had water in margarita glasses, kids jumping Wii over our heads, pennies for local and global charities, memories of hot tubs, chicken wings and newborn pups, Icelandic knits, Guinness exploding over walls, hipping the water tap, melting in the kitchen, one lone rock concert lighter standing in for candles, Boston jerseys, admiring art, planning writer retreats, discussing Aunt Jean's hundredth birthday party, and poignant moment with Casey tapping his brace against a friend's prosthetic leg.

I'm tired today but full.  Work was good, one friend is still visiting, more wine was purchased. We're spending the evening finishing all the open bottles, admiring her new hats, opening the cards that were neglected last night and appreciating all the fun we had last night.

Someone wished I would have something wonderful happen to make me remember the day. It did indeed. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Lots of good things this week

No doubt it's been horrible but if nothing else it's been a week that's made me more aware than usual how blessed we are.  DNi and I were bitching our way through chores tonight when I interrupted that things could be so much worse. She started to list them when I interrupted again.  Things are good.  People are good. And we listed all the ways we thought that while the future looks different than we expected it to, it's definitely worth sticking around to see.

We have each other. We have family and friends. Two words that encompass both a feeling and individuals.  We love and are loved in return. We have roofs over our head, food in our bellies, jobs to keep us all going and good company.  We entertain and are entertained.

When bad things happen, we gather together to shelter and protect one another but also to share what we have - including faith that we'll make it through. We take turns carrying each other to safety. And on those tragic days when not all of us survive, we unite to ensure no one is forgotten.

We are blessed.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fresh good things

One good thing about hosting a party in two days is the way the house is getting scrubbed. DNe has been a godsend - painting, cleaning, scrubbing, sweeping. I washed the floors and walls with the lemon/vinegar solution from the recipe Stashaholic gave me.

I had a great lunch with two writer friends.  Much was accomplished, birthday cake consumed.  I love how often we've been connecting with each other. It makes such a difference in staying creative.

One Good Thing about it being middle-of-the-summer hot was being able to wear a cute dress to work.  It was fun to see one of my favourite young patrons dance in wearing bright pink sunglasses, off-center braids and ponytails and a frilly pink skirt.  Her dad looked pretty good too.  It's the time of year we can see what people look like. Cold weather will make a reappearance, which doesn't bother me in the least. 

I do like how the air smells 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Busy day

One Good Thing about morning tea with my friend is we always have deep conversations.  Today's topic, as it is for most North Americans, was the state of humanity.  My friend suggested we need to get back to the sense that we are each of us connected to all of life. We cannot continue to think of ourselves as separate. Yes, we are individual and unique, but our actions affect so many more than ourselves.  It was a conversation worth skipping breakfast for.

Then I ran around doing errands. By the time I reached the grocery store, I was hungry.  All of my purchases were healthy.  I shocked myself.  I found peppermint in a pot and a hardened tomato plant so that I could have fresh produce in my lunch. 

A good portion of my list was crossed off with good results. Rooms were painted, phone calls made, bird cage scrubbed, chapters finished.

I was going to bail on my walk toDeCew House but it was such a lovely day out that I wanted to take advantage of it.  I knew Casey wasn't up to the challenge so my dad shocked all of us by taking his dog on his own walk. Ky and I sprinted the 8km distance between the historic house and our home. We heard frogs, followed a robin who never let more than half a dozen feet get between us and him, and admired a deer in the field beside the highway. Ky made me laugh when crossing the bridge. He kept popping his head up so he could see over the cement railing. He's a curious dog.

Here he is in front of one of the fireplaces at DeCew House.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

2 Good things

I was outside this morning and noticed the water level on the pond was low. When I put the hose in to top it up, who swam past but Phin (named after a Jennifer Crusie character in Welcome to Temptation, not because he's a fish.  It took three years for me to notice the pun). The heater had failed this winter, freezing the water so I assumed the fish were all lost.  Phin is a red and white comet goldfish from the feeder bin at Petsmart. He's not alone in the pond.  Shubunkins and moors have joined him over the years, and bred, but he's the oldest at ten years.  I was so happy to see him today.

The other thing that made my day was this post from Patton Oswalt about the aftermath of the Boston Marathon. I truly believe that man is inherently good. I believe that good will always triumph over evil.  I'm heartened by how quickly that post went viral.  "The good outnumber you - and we always will".  Truer words...

Monday, April 15, 2013

A little perspective

I was having a really good day.  I dealt with a bunch of annoying little things at work, some of which I'd stuffed on the shelf two weeks ago.

My meeting was a huge success. The event is so much bigger than I'd realized. The team is full of great ideas, contacts and experience. We're going to pull this off and it will be amazing. It's had the added bonus of inspiring all types of creativity in my life.

On the way home, I stopped at the lavender farm. There's an antique store there. No luck on the cabinet door front but lavender shortbread eased the disappointment.

Then I came home, saw the horrible footage out of Boston.  I'm grateful to be home with those I love all accounted for. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Morning walk

One Good Thing about getting up so early on my day off is that I got to stand at my kitchen window and watch the baby doves have breakfast while I ate mine.  Usually, the nest is higher in the tree, on level with my second storey window. This year, it's down a few branches, right about where I had planned to prune.  No I can see right inside the nest. The chicks are big enough, and feathered enough, to be two weeks old. I'm not sure how I missed them. They're about the same age as the starling chicks in the garage. They were impossible to miss.

The second leg of the Laura Secord Legacy Walk was incredible.  The weather was sunny, cool and dry - much better than the forecast of mixed rain and snow.  We did ford a stream or two but my boots kept my feet dry.  Here are a couple of quick pics I snapped with my phone. The backpack I'd taken didn't make the cut.  It was uncomfortable and difficult to shrug in and out of so I ended up leaving it on my back, camera stowed safely inside.

Saturday, April 13, 2013


It seems like a million years ago that I dragged my lazy ass out of bed and walked to work. I can still remember the dream that was interrupted by my alarm. Friends had put an addition on their house that was an artist's dream workshop. It was huge and 2/3 of the way across they'd created a wall out of blown/rolled glass that looked like barn boards to create a sitting room off the workshop.  It was beautiful. My friend's DH insisted it drop two feet from the vaulted ceiling to allow for airflow to keep the room from becoming an oven. I'll have to ask him about that when I see them next week.  It's the kind of thing they would do.

The weather was brisk and gloomy today but the ground is greening up, weeds have already shoved their way through the cold earth.  I'm always impressed with nature and its regeneration. Baby birds are cheeping in the garage.

My body hasn't started to reflect the choices I've been making this week but I can feel the difference.  I'm back to walking regularly. Yesterday, I walked out of the store without purchasing any chocolate.  That's a first in a very long time. Today, I turned down a Tim Horton's run.  I ate a couple of homemade oatmeal cookies but that's not a big deal. They're oatmeal/coconut/hemp hearts/olive oil/palm sugar/egg/vanilla and chocolate chips.  Easy to make, low on glycemic index.  I have no idea on the calorie count.

My idiot neighbour shot off fireworks tonight. One Good Thing - and nothing to be minimized given the trauma in the past - Ky's eyes rolled towards the window but that was the extent of his reaction. When the fireworks stopped, he went back to bed.  Progress!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Warm good things

I really like my jobs. That's a good thing considering I don't have a day off for another week. My last day off was Easter Monday.  I am blessed in that at least one thing a day happens to make me laugh, I help at least one person per shift and I usually make someone smile.  Books, movies, people - I'm a matchmaker at least half of the time.

My coworkers took me out for dinner to celebrate my birthday.  It was fun, and generous to spend their evening that way.  A retired coworker joined us for the evening and shared pictures of her grandbabies. They've grown so much and it was great to joke around with her.

I've got some stuff rolling around in my head but it's all good stuff.  I will share details and/or photos when the stuff makes sense to anyone other than myself.

As the wind tears at the eaves, I am very grateful for a sturdy house that isn't phased by rough weather. We're all warm and snug indoors watching racing.  Life is good.

I hope yours is as well.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Silver Linings

I was driving home a different route this afternoon. I wanted to scout out the second leg of our practice walk on Sunday.  I thought all the trees were blossoming, I was passing an orchard. When I pulled over to take a picture, I realized it was freezing rain.  There are no buds on this tree.

That impromptu photo shoot saved the dogs from being pelted by hail.  Had I arrived home on time, we would have been out walking when the hail hit.  It was pelting down when I pulled into the driveway so the walk was cancelled. The dogs got extra belly rubs as consolation.

One good thing about wearing pants to work was that it was far more modest for climbing beneath the desk to reattach computer cords.

DNe is flipping back and forth between a show about fraud and one about hand transplants. I'm typing this up and wondered how the hell some guy stole a woman's hands.   Glad I was mistaken.  And now we're watching hockey.  Phew, at least I looked up this time to realize there was a switch.  I love that kid. Really I do.  He enriches my life every single day.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Variety of good things

It was a monsoon when Ky and I headed out for our walk this morning. I had no idea how much Casey was slowing us down. Or perhaps Ky was motivated to get the exercise over with and back home to a dry house. Regardless, it took us slightly over half the time to walk further today just the two of us, drenched to the bone, than three of us managed yesterday.

After a warming shower, I went to meet my friend for tea and run some errands.  I forgot my wallet at home. We wandered around looking at stuff so my list was much longer when I went back after work.

One good thing about the delay was I took rubber boots off the list. Mine leaked this morning but I realized I can use the same stuff we use to repair Casey's brace to make them waterproof again.  

I didn't buy lunch out. I went home and made something yummy and halfway healthy (garlic pizza with red peppers dipped in hummus).  Work flew by for some odd reason. It was good.

I did so much transplanting yesterday that I had to take a picture off the top of the shelf to put cucumber seeds in that window. I found a lovely frame today so I can hang that sheep picture from Scotland on the wall.

Here's the Icelandic sheep photo being crowded by seedlings.  Milo is off to the right, confident that will never happen to him

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

More walking, less eating

I hauled my lazy ass off for a  mile long walk with the dogs. Casey was exhausted but a trooper.  Ky could have kept going despite being five years older than Casey.  I did notice that as we got closer to the lake both dogs picked up the pace. I went further today than we did last week and when we stopped by the willow at the water's edge, they both surged forward to take a dip. Fortunately, I still had leashes firmly in hand. That is not our usual swim spot, nor is it a good choice.  It did make me rethink the walking agenda.  Ky and I will do the Laura Secord training.  Both dogs will swim once a week to get Casey's shoulder back into shape. He walks so much on that foot without the brace but he's packed on way too many pounds over the last year and a half.  I want both of us back down to fighting weight.

I had planned to ride my bike to work. Good thing I didn't. The sky opened up and the rain hasn't stopped.  The storm drains can't keep up with it all.

The good news is that all the exercise today meant I wasn't all that hungry.  I didn't stress eat tonight at all. So maybe there's a correlation.  I just want to feel healthy again.

How was your day?

Monday, April 08, 2013

Walking good things

On my walk into work this morning, I passed a blooming hyacinth. It made me happy to see it. The temperature was a bit cooler than I'd anticipated but I'm happy to be back into skirts.  Spring is definitely on its way.

I also walked all over several used furniture stores looking for cabinet doors. Still nothing. I did see some frames that are the right size but I'd have to buy four. I think we could build doors for that price. BUT, I scored canvases for my DNe. He helped me empty the car and showed off the piece he'd worked on while I was running errands. It's beautiful, bright and cheery.  I love that shade of yellow, almost an orange.  I'll share photo if he lets me.

I didn't get out for a walk with the dogs before the rain came tumbling down. Tomorrow will be better. Rain or shine those puppies are getting some exercise.  It's good for all of us.

How was your day?

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Alright in the end kinda day

Blergh.  Mixups at work.  Everything turned out alright in the end but it was frustrating. 

Bacon appeared on my sandwich despite the fact that I stressed three different times that bacon was not wanted.  It makes me sick. Literally. The poor girl who dealt with my complaint handled it very well but what a waste, throwing that sandwich in the garbage.

It was so windy everyone was out of sorts.  I hope tomorrow we're all back in sorts.  It was all petty stuff.  Everything turned out alright in the end.

I'm home, the critters are well. I just watched a great movie with my very darling nephew.  Searching for Sugar Manis thought-provoking documentary about searching for an obscure American artist who is bigger than Elvis in South Africa. His music inspired a nation during the Apartheid era.  Do yourself a favour and see it.

In the end, everything was alright.

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Tired good things

Lots of overtime and no days off for another two weeks putting me just shy of three consecutive weeks at work.  My bank account is pleased. I'm a bit tired so I opted to stay in bed an extra hour this morning. It was disappointing to miss out on a great walk in such lovely weather but sometimes you have to take care of your body.  The timing was off anyway.

Work was crazy busy but I learned how to do some new tasks today. I always like that.  We're abandoning Dewey this summer and there's a lot of prep. It's taken me a few months to accept the possibility that the Dewey Decimal system is out-dated and not User Friendly. I grew up with it but other than hard core readers and librarians does anyone really know where to poetry, quantum physics or Canadian prime ministers?*

We returned the pine bookshelf to its rightful owner tonight. I'm still on a quest to find glass cabinet doors so the yarn is in a giant recycle bag, several rubbermaid containers and a hamper.  I suspect this project will take awhile.

I took my camera with me on the drive and snapped some orchards with the barest hint of buds.  It will be interesting to watch them unfurl.  We're due for a week's worth of rain.  You know what they say, "April showers..."  I'll share photographic progress as it happens.

*811, 530.12 and 971.0643092

Friday, April 05, 2013

Misplaced good things

Have you ever tried to find a bamboo knitting needle on a wooden floor?  I had no luck either - because it was in my knapsack.  The good thing is I didn't drop it somewhere between home and my friend's house.

Dinner and a movie with good friends. We all turned down wine. You know we're either 1)old, 2)exhausted 3) out of our minds to turn down wine.  I suspect it was all three.

Humour is a life-saver. Sure, it won't jump into the ocean and pull you safe to shore or beat off creepy crawlies with your best shoe but it will definitely keep you sane.  Fortunately, everyone's humour is different.  My friends were howling over some television show they all agreed was in poor taste. I wasn't amused by the discussion BUT the sound of their laughter made me giggle too.

Giggling. Not just for six year old girls any more.

Today, I was adding a title to the collection. The real title is Pirates, Ho!.  I put the comma in as an apostrophe.  Fortunately, I caught the mistake immediately.  It's a children's book. 

I hope your day had some humour in it as well.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

A variety of good things

It was a beautiful day out today. Sadly, the flamingos took flight to warmer climes. I was disappointed when I came home but I think the dogs are happy to have their yard back.

One of my favourite patrons came in to the library tonight. His darling little daughter is adorable beyond words. Tonight she wore a frilly purple skirt, green/yellow/purple striped tights and purple socks.  She always bounces through the door and announces her arrival in a large young voice. Then whispers because she's in the library.  She is the only child I've ever heard cry, "I don't want to go to McDonalds, Daddy. I want to stay at the liberry."

In other news, a large box appeared on my porch this morning. going by smell, Ky was confident it was for him.  The contents were a beautiful Polwarth fleece from Fibre Garden. It was a generous birthday gift from Stashaholic with a sweet message from the guys and puppy in Jordan.  I really need to stop in there and say hi.  I might be too busy spinning for the next thousand years. It's going to be fun.

How was your day?

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Flamingo Good Things

Today was an odd day.  I went to work, picked up my plate stickers, had great snail mail, photos in the email and wonderful notes all over my facebook page. 

When I was leaving work, an older gentleman followed me out to my car to ask me how I like that make and model. He's a regular patron so I let him sit in it, answered all of his questions then rooted around in the various different dashboard pockets while we talked. I found my flamingo necklace that my brother had tossed in the console over a year ago. I love that flamingo.  I bought her after a reading at Book and Co, in Dayton Ohio for Agnes and the Hitman.  My friend bought Hot Pink. I bought Cerise.

Then a friend popped by with a lovely purple orchid as a gift. We were talking about Death's Oven Timer which is a line from Agnes so I pulled the book out to find it. I petted the flamingos on the cover and laughed about the trip we  had for that book signing. A lot had happened in my head during the day so I honestly did not make a connection between the necklace and the book until later.

I went outside to help my friend empty her car and this is what I saw

50 Pink Flamingos!!!!

I hope you had as fabulous a day

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Expectant good things

My passport has been renewed and should arrive within two weeks. I was able to keep my old one with all the cool stamps.  Little thing but it makes me smile to remember the places I've been. 

Had lunch with a good friend.  We admired the hats I'd made for each of us. Mine needs a photo. You've already seen hers.

She helped me adjust to the fact that tomorrow I can no longer deny I'm middle-aged.  Yes, women in my family live into their late nineties, one hundred years or older.  So middle age.  I thought my life would look so different than this so the last few days have been full of woe. I wasn't sure why, I actually like my life a lot.  We concluded that I was trying on the expectations and perceptions the rest of society have about how I should look/act/feel at this age.  I gave that back. It didn't fit, wasn't attractive and was a style that didn't suit. I was horribly uncomfortable. I feel much better now.  Amazing what a good conversation can accomplish.

Hope your day met your own expectations, or better.

Monday, April 01, 2013

Historical good thing

When I was young and visiting my great-grandparents in their wooded home at the base of Brock's monument, I used to imagine I was Laura Secord trekking through the woods with my cow to warn the British that the Americans were coming.

Many years later, I'm going to take part in the commemorative walk from her homestead in Queenston to DeCou House in Thorold.  I met with members of Friends of Laura Secord.  It's going to be an amazing walk and I encourage everyone who can to come out and participate.  I'll be taking my camera.  There will be no cows,other than those we pass along the way.  That was a myth.

I came home and made brownies. All that talk of walking made me hungry.

Well, that and the fact that I spent the afternoon rushing around trying to find doors for the cabinet.  No luck. None whatsoever.  I did find some interesting old windows, though.

No one played a practical joke on me, either. Yay!

How was your day?