Saturday, January 04, 2020

Not a New Year post

Greetings, my friends

2019 kicked my ass to the curb. However, I remain undaunted, and committed to writing. I've discovered that the best way to survive a crisis is write through it. Some people consider that akin to burying one's head in the sand. I considered it self-care.

It doesn't always amount to a story or novel but self-care writing allows me the time to process and consider my options regarding said crisis. It occasionally also results in a well turned phrase or a creative way to call someone a self-serving, inconsiderate, piece of flea dung festering inside the hindquarters of a flatulent camel.

Sometimes, nothing good comes of it but at least nothing bad does either. For example, we all know Necessity is the mother of invention. I've added Boredom is the father of invention. Which usually leads to Emergency is the paramedic of invention. It fits the sentence structure but loses something in translation. Apparently, the actual quote is "Necessity is the mother of invention, it is true but its father is creativity and knowledge the midwife." This quote is attributed to the computer scientist, Jonathan Schattke. The things you learn when you're making up your own phrases.

Typing for any amount of time makes my wrist swell and sing of its woes in a high-pitched squeal. I carry a notebook with me at all times - and a pencil because ink dries up if a pen is not often used. I found an app that scans pen to print. I still have to transcribe it eventually. Then I found Otter. It does an excellent job of transcribing vocal notes. I read back what I've written then insert it into the manuscript. That discovery led to a renewed zest for book two in the hockey series. Sometimes, it really is the simple things.