Thursday, October 29, 2015


I've been busy working on the business side of writing. That's not my skill set. I write.  However, I've consulted with several people who are in total control of their writing careers, as well as people who excel in the various departments.

There are some changes coming to the blog. Some changes coming to my writing routine.  Most importantly, there are some changes coming to the story-in-hand process.  I am torn between terror and excitement. Fitting as I write both romance and horror.

As soon as the new stuff is up, I'll let you all know.  Excuse me while I go freak out.  Change is scary. But vital.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


A friend recently asked why I write fiction - like it's a choice.  There are stories in my head at all times. Like two people getting seats at a hockey game, each wearing jerseys from the opposing team. If they are teams that have been rivals since the  beginning of the league even better. My brain automatically writes  the rest of the story. Maybe there's a mutual attraction. Maybe they agree to let the children choose a team for themselves.

Or a wedding photographer meets a bridesmaid at several different weddings. To him it's just a lucrative job. He's divorced and determined to never risk his heart again.  She's a hopeless romantic.

The stockboy has been stalking the cheerleader for weeks. One night he approaches her behind the store where they both work. She stabs him in the eye with her car key.

I could probably think of twenty more scenarios without even trying.  Better on the page than rolling around inside my head.

Why do you read fiction?

Sunday, October 04, 2015


The good news is we're reasonably sure we know why I was dizzy all summer - migraine. Apparently there's a migraine who's only symptom is dizziness. Figures. I now have four types of migraine on any given day.

This is interfering with my writing - and may account for my fascination with horror.

I've been reading a lot of non-fiction as well as fiction these days.  Losing myself in the worlds of others is a good way to actually find what's important to me, or answers to my own world. Dolphin research, missing indigenous women, depression lies and wonderful romances where the heroes rescue animals and the heroines catch the bad guys reaffirm how fortunate I am in the life I chose. When having a bad day, like putting the car in the wrong gear and moving the garage back two feet as a result, perspective is much appreciated. Things can always be worse. Sometimes, they can be a bit better but honestly, it's a good life.

That's been the primary takeaway from all that reading.  No matter how horrible the tragedies most of those people have faced, they have this amazing spirit, a determination to make their lives better as well as the lives of those around them.  Even the dolphins who seem to have wonderful lives swimming in the seven seas can teach us about community and supporting one another.  They assist each other in times of crisis and of joy.

I have a strong community of friends both online and in my daily existence.  Several suffer with migraines and have been helpful with tips for preventing them. Others live with depression and have given me a great deal of insight into what they experience so that I can support rather than judge their choices.  My insurance adjuster is funny as hell so that's helped, as have all the people I've dealt with throughout the process.

My writing buddy insists all of the above is fodder for the mill and she's right.  You just know I'm going to use some of it in a story somewhere.