Friday, December 22, 2006

Classic movies

I've been on a bit of a classic movie kick. The dialogue alone is worth the price of admission (where did that expression originate?) It's sharp, witty and fast-paced. There are some interesting reminders that times have changed but it amazes me how tough and in control the women were of their hearts, minds, and destinies - not to mention their men. Cary Grant, William Powell, Bogie all more than held their own.

Smoking and drinking to excess were the norm, not frowned upon as they are in today's society. Lots of name-calling and face-slapping. Very little swearing or graphic violence. There were dark themes, and farsical schemes. A little bit of something for everyone.

Especially writers. Because the most important element to every classic movie I've watched over the last month has been a good story told well. Without nudity, profanity or special effects to rely on, the writers used words. Descriptive words, intelligent words, word twists and riddles, banter and repartee to move the plot and characters along in a way that invested and entertained the audience.

I have a few presents to finish making, all the wrapping to do and a little bit of baking left. I'm going to watch Suspicion, Vertigo, maybe even To Catch a Thief in my last minute rush of activity.

It's all in the name of research.


  1. Anonymous9:35 AM

    How could you leave out the one that made us all shudder every time we heard the name?

    Citizen Kane!

    To this day I can't watch it because of film school. Frame by Frame viewing does not lend itself to ever being able to watch it again.

    For me, the faves are The Thin Man, Cassablanca, Gone with the Wind. Christmas isn't Christmas without It's a Wonderful Life and Scrooge (the original not any of the pitiful remakes).

    Give me a nipped in waistline and a hat on a woman (a la Myrna Loy) over full frontal nudity any day.

  2. That's when glamour reigned! I have a friend who reminds me of Myrna Loy and coincidentally her online name is Glamour-Geek.

    Thanks for the :shudder: memory, Sherri. Why do you think I left it out? I might be able to watch it when I'm 80.

  3. You said it perfectly: "a good story told well." There's a reason those movies are classics, a reason people still watch and quote them. Men were men and women were dames ... and had great clothes too!

  4. Ugh. Citizen Kane. Of course my entire perspective on his has been skewed because I grew up in the '80s and the first reference I ever had to the movie was this song called "Homecoming Queen Has a Gun" (I know, very unPC now). There is a line that I swore said, "You know, like, when in Citizen Kane you found out Rosebud was a slut?" Now fast forward a few years and imagine me in film class going, "Huh? Rosebud's a sled?"

    The classics I can't do without are His Girl Friday, Singin' In the Rain, Mr. Roberts, Holiday Inn and I'm sure several more I can't think of at the moment. Love some of the clothes. Every once in a while I'll be watching something and get distracted by a really out there hat or floral pattern.