Saturday, April 28, 2007

Writing - not as easy as it looks

Thanks to everyone who had a comment on my last post. It's been a conundrum. Apparently, I had discussed the concerns about Alex's growth and motivation at great length with my critique partner. Once I finished inputting the notes, I realized we had dealt with his issues quite well.

While I was out shopping with my sixteen year old nephew tonight I found a weevil pendant. I have no intention of wearing the real bug encased in acrylic but it did remind me of Nea's pet - which in turn reminded me of the incident that shoved Nea out of the grove, the nymph world and away from her mother. There is some really heavy stuff in that moment and the weevil is a constant reminder of her mother's betrayal. Ultimately, the poor little weevil will also be proof of her father's true demonic nature. So it all works.

As soon as I have it finished, I'll post an excerpt for Mary(the rest of you can read it too :D ) It involves a tornado, a trailer park and a few unfortunate - wait, I can't tell you that it will spoil the surprise. It's nasty, but understandable. Isn't that what you said? You would forgive her anything if you could identify with her? Oh, I hope so. Cause this whole writing thing is no where near as easy as Bryan makes it look with his whole oh-I-just-thought-of-this-and-posted-it-without-reading-it-through posts. Yeah, I'm bitter. I'll simply channel it into Nea's character.


  1. Ooh, my own excerpt, how lovely. Even if I do have to share ;)

  2. When do *I* get an excerpt?
    Just askin'.
    Oh yeah, one other thing...
    Book done yet?

  3. What's this? You're going to be giving out excerpts to all and sundry?
    Well okay, Dee doesn't count as eithe r all /or/ sundry. We can share the excerpt.
    Also, my computer's firewall is having serious emotional issues with Blogger. Please send any comments to angstriddengoddess space@ space, and they will be gladly received and read.