Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Alex's view

I was running around Niagara Falls this past weekend. I tried to park as close to Alex's home as I could so that I could refresh my memory about background elements he deals with every day. It's vastly different in the summer from the winter but I snapped this picture quickly. I think he might launch his kayak from this spot.

It's hard to tell but the lip of the falls is right below the mist. The speed at which the river races towards the crest might be too quick for what I have in mind but it's fiction. I can manipulate the distance. But really thirty-seven degrees celcius is a far cry from the hypothermic conditions in which Alex is barely functioning. How do you empathize?


  1. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Now it makes sense. I kept wondering why you wanted a picture of the back side of the falls. I kept looking at it thinking I'd rather have one of that stretch of the river looking toward Alex's home (which I took, by the way).

  2. I hope you're going to share those photos, Bryan. Consider it all in the name of research.

  3. Beautiful picture. With the water cresting like that it is hard to figure that it is 37 degrees Celcius. You would think the water would be smooth. I know, it is racing towards the falls. Beautiful spot anyhow.

  4. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Dropped the film at the lab yesterday. I'll have it back next weekend.