Sunday, May 03, 2009

How I spent my week

Hiking along the Niagara Gorge with my nephew...

*playing with puppies...

staring into these beautiful brown eyes...

and writing. Three more pages on one book and some really strong insight into character development on the other. It was a good week.

Today I'm off to HotDocs in Toronto. This documentary film festival is the setting for the climax of one of my projects. It's going to be a great week.

*To clarify - these are NOT my puppies. I am not keeping a puppy. I was merely visiting them. They were warm and soft and cuddley. They belong to other people. I already have my hands full with a puppy that does not belong to me. It is Casey's first birthday on the 14th, he gets his new splint on this Tuesday. Yes it really will be a great week.

All photos taken with my Blackberry Storm which I adore. Remember when phones were these big black clunky things with rotary dials and sat on a special table downstairs in the hallway? I do like convenience the Storm affords. And quality photographs.


  1. Puppy therapy! Even the picture creates a feel-good mood :)

    lucific - Lucifer's pre-diabolic behavior

  2. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Dang. I'm in love. Do NOT let me anywhere near these puppies. Do NOT let me smell their puppy smell. The End.

    Woo-hoo for Casey!

    Enjoy the HotDocs. I expect a full accounting. ;-)

  3. Puppies!! Oh I am envious.

    And Casey's going to be a year old! How'd that happen?

  4. Puppies!!! I agree with Merry, just looking at the pictures is like therapy.

    Hey, I never did get to play with your phone!

  5. Beautiful pictures. Great Storm. Hard to believe that the phone can take pictures although many years ago they talked about making a phone in which you could see the caller. And lo and behold. Ta Dah!