Sunday, September 13, 2009


After finishing the revisions on HTP last week, my productivity hit a wall. I did go to Niagara Falls and wander around Alex's place, took a few pictures and stared at the water rushing over the edge. My friend Theresa completely understood the siren call of the river but agreed that it's difficult to express the strength of that call without actually experiencing it. That conversation gave me something to consider when I'm inputting the changes this week.

Casey's story is progressing in the journal. In reality, we went for another brace adjustment and a swim. He's holding his leg up more than I think he should so I'd like to put Pilates back into his routine even though the brace gives him more flexibility now. I suspect his therapy will be ongoing throughout his life.

Wednesday was our anniversary. It's been one year since that brown bundle of fut bounced through the front door and completely rearranged our lives. There have been some tough times but all worth it to see the joy on his face as he greets each morning.

My writing goal this week is to get back to the computer and actually input all of the work I've done this month. HTP first, then Casey's journal. I can see the pages falling off the calendar. Where has this month gone?


  1. So happy to hear that you've been getting a lot of writing done. Now get it into the computer lady so you can submit it to someone.

    Casey always is so happy because he has such wonderful people to live with. Glad he's doing so well.

  2. I wish I could get to meet Casey. (And Ky, and certain very smart birds, and the rest of the menagerie.) Do you suppose you could ever bring them on a western-bound road trip? And bring the river while you're at it? Even though the recession is "technically" over, my chances of being able to afford a road trip are still woeful, alas.

    Give 'em all a good hug on my behalf, 'k?

    reatio- sorry. no brain tonight.

  3. "Them all" referenced in the hug wish includes Ms. Scope, 'natch.

    baddes - someone who aspired to be bad ass, but didn't want to upset their mother by the use of bad language (at least, my mother would consider that sufficient reason to become upset)