Tuesday, December 08, 2009


I've been crazy busy trying to get all of my holiday gifts made. Playing with lots of fibre and yarn has fed my creativity quite a bit in the last few weeks. Something about all of that colour and texture just makes me happy.

On Sunday I went to the Fiber Garden - and didn't buy a thing.

The guys had some beautiful fibre - bison, Icelandic and targhee. There were several skeins of merino hand dye that I adored but they were laceweight. I'm not proficient in lace yet.

One of the other things that stopped me was the realization that I have two writing projects that desperately need my attention. My spinning wheel inspires a great deal of material for the sweater book but even she's been silent the last couple of weeks. Until all of the holiday gifts are complete I have to manage my time very carefully.

One thing I've been sure to do is spend a few minutes every day with my writing. I've alternated between Heal Casey and Hell to Pay. Not much gets done by this method but progress, no matter how minor, is a step forward instead of standing still.

Right now my creativity is racing in many different directions. I'll let you know where it all leads.


  1. At the moment my creativity is directed toward finding excuses... er, rationalizations... um, I mean valid reasons why I shouldn't have to exercise tonight.
    I think your creative outlets are a lot more productive. Ms. Tanji thinks so too :)

  2. And sometimes you come to the realization that you really can't do it all without something suffering. Allow yourself time to breathe. Savor.

    Satedia. What it will be tomorrow.