Sunday, April 18, 2010

Stream of semi-consciousness

I've been a lot sicker since I got home than when I last blogged, hence the lack of communication. I've barely been coherent. Sadly, I haven't had the attention span to read or write at all this week. It took me four hours to watch The Blind Side because my brain could only process so much at a time. I'd turn it off. Let the dog outside. Try to catch my breath from all that movement. Let the dog back in. Get another glass of orange juice, ginger ale or popsicle then start all over again. Four hours. One movie. Not a great week.

I watched:
Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution
2 episodes of Lost
2 episodes of V
The Guardian
The Invisible
Crossing Over
Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
Taking Woodstock
Lots of volcano footage

all of which led to strange questions -
why do they call Kraft Singles Processed Cheese? Isn't all cheese processed? It doesn't come out of the cow as a large block of cheddar.

Why does Ray Liotta always play scumbags? He has a reputation of being a really nice guy but as soon as I see him walk on screen I know he's a sleazy character.

If the Coast Guard flies when everyone else is grounded, does that mean helicopters are less susceptible to weather than airplanes? Why does Ashton Kutcher always look so smug, no matter what he's doing?

Why was Taking Woodstock labeled a comedy. It wasn't funny. It had amusing parts but overall it wasn't funny. It was poignant, well-done; but not funny.

How old is Michael Keaton? Remember when he was Beetlejuice? He's still funny. And I like Jane Lynch. How did they cut that casket down to make the boxcar? That made no sense. What kind of tools did the guy have in his garage??

How did she save him? She'd seen him before so that whole sequence, the climax of the movie was completely lost in translation. Perhaps if I'd read the Swedish book on which the movie was made. Okay, it was interesting right up to that point, I had suspended all belief. Then they blew it.

Is Where's Fluffy? a real band? Won't her father hunt them down with a shotgun when he hears that recording. Two movies in one day where Jimi Hendrix was an invisible, unseen, off-screen IMPORTANT character. Three if you count the Purple Haze that's flying over Europe these days.

Who the hell are the good guys on Lost? I'm so confused.

Remember the original V? Freddy Kruger and the mouse? I preferred the campy original.

Those questions, and many more, are the reason I should stay off the Internet when I'm not firing on all cylinders. Not even close.

Hope you all had a better week.


  1. Take two aspirin and stay off the intertoobs for a week. :-D

    Seriously, I think you need an IV cocktail! Loved your post.

    My poor baby! Welcome home.

  2. It's crazy, isn't it, what goes through our heads when our minds are floating and unfocused.

    Glad that you were feeling well enough to post! Keep mending, please. ((hugs))

  3. Loved the original V. Won't watch the new version because remakes never measure up IMO.

    Liotta does a great bad guy. And I suspect its more fun than playing a good guy.

    Keaton has had moments of genius over the years. I haven't seen Post Grad, and I should because it looks like a good cast.

    Kutcher always looks smug because his whole career is basically playing the young pretty boy. Some day he'll hit middle age for real and will have to actually act.

    Don't watch Lost so I can't help you there. I don't think I watch anything with a season-long plot line.

    Helicopters, have to ask someone who really knows, but I suspect they work on a different principle than airplanes and can thus go more places.

    Hope you're feeling gingerra soon.

  4. Anne-marie2:01 PM

    Hi Keziah! I work at Kraft Foods and thought I could contribute by sharing why we call our Singles processed cheese. Processed cheeses are made by blending 100% real natural cheeses with an emulsifier. The mixture is then heated to produce a cheese slice of uniform texture and flavor with good melting properties.

    Well I hope I got one of your questions answered. Hope you’re feeling better.

  5. Thanks Anne-Marie! I know Jamie Oliver wouldn't approve but Kraft Singles make the best grilled cheese sandwiches.