Sunday, June 06, 2010

Doors, windows and wishes

You know that old adage, "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it".  Last week's post was full of activity and commitments and I wished I had more time - for friends, for family, for writing, for gardening, for relaxing, for fun.  I don't know about fun and relaxation but on Monday one Door slammed shut so hard that the house is still reverberating. The aftershocks popped open three windows. They're small windows. I'd have to go through all three simultaneously to get to the same place that door afforded me but it's nice to know I'm not trapped inside without an emergency exit.  I still have the smaller door I've been using all week. All is not lost.

On the upside, I have all that time on my hands. I can finish my courses(once I stop staring aimlessly into space or fighting Ky for the dark chocolate peanut M&Ms that seem to be a primary source of comfort -the chocolate, the dog and the scrambling)  I plan to systematically clean and purge every single room in my house - even the haunted basement that Stasholic and I never got around to exorcising on her last visit.

But first, to finish Casey's book. We've had some positive developments in that area and I'm just waiting for the pictures to come through before I share next week.  I'll take it over door number one every time.


  1. I love every beat I hear of a drum.

    Did everybody make it?

    Try to keep up.

  2. And away we go .....

  3. Gah! Okay, everybody over to Argh.

  4. It's hard marching in these safety boots, and I'm not sure the plaid color goes with my scythe and black cloak.

  5. You look mahvelous, darling, simply mahvelous!

  6. For I love a parade

  7. "I love every beat I hear of a drum"

  8. Anonymous12:49 AM

    I just want to stand and cheer as they come.


    rentiv: what gg will soon no longer be. :)

  9. I love a parade, when I hear a band

    Hmm, do you think my trumpet goes with my red stilettos and black velvet? I say yes.