Sunday, November 28, 2010

Farm Memories

I had a brilliant post written in my head for today but with all of the computer issues I've had, I decided to share this photograph with you instead.  It's the view my great-grandmother would have seen every single day of her early life.  Those aren't the same sheep but the tree to the right is far older than she would be if Granny was still alive. 

Many thanks to Theresa for taking me there a few weeks ago


  1. That's a heck of a view. A landscape for the imagination. Oh, I'm so glad you got to go.

    BTW, how do you make your pics enlarge like that with a click?

  2. Wow, that is a freaking nice view. Looks like a good place to kick back with a notebook and pretend to be busy writing or drawing, while actually just staring at sheep and/or clouds.

    Elen - She's using height and width properties inside her img tag.

    Wordpress has a pretty handy resize/preview thing built-in to the post editor, if you upload them straight to your blog. I haven't used it in a while, though, so I can't just tell you how to do it off the top of my head. I just remember it was kind of weird to get the hang of.

  3. Stan ManX - thanks for the explanation. I just post the pic into blogger and it does all the work :)

    Yeah, I'd love to go park myself in that field with a notebook. Or maybe the next field over because that one was full of cattle. I had to have a spotter for the pictures. But it was beyond incredible to walk in Granny's footsteps.