Sunday, February 13, 2011

Writer's Options

While on this relationship time-out that writing and I have taken, I have kept in loose touch with some of our mutual friends. Bob Mayer is doing some interesting things in the world of publishing in the digital age. I highly recommend perusing his blog posts to get an authour driven perspective, as well as the business possibilities that abound. This article in particular discusses self-publishing. Opportunities lurk behind every corner these days. Should we all self-publish?

I've definitely given Lulu a few quick glances from beneath lowered lashes. I've got a memoir that I want to print three copies of for family use. I have an illustrated children's book that needs a half dozen copies. Lulu certainly gives me options. I've praised the heck out of a novel, Need to Know by Christine Merrill, that I purchased from that site several months ago so I know how well they do e-books.

I still have my issues with Amazon and Kindle but I've gone ahead and purchased my very own copy of Splitting the Difference by my friend Lisa Deon. When you read why she published with Amazon after reading the self-publishing blog post from above, I guarantee that it will get your writer brain pondering your options.

If you're a Reader, your world just expanded. Go get Lisa's story. And enjoy!


  1. As you have commanded, so have I done.

  2. A lot of things in publishing have changed just in the last year. A lot of what we are doing at Who Dares Wins Publishing is taking advantage of the opportunities authors didn't have just a couple of years ago. While publishing adjusts to changes, the author tends to get caught in the crossfire, but if one looks carefully and critically at all the options, many doors are opened.

  3. I am actually debating self-publishing again, too. I've got these manuscripts done, just sitting here...