Sunday, July 15, 2012

Many years ago, there was a quiz making the rounds about what kind of flower you are. I posted mine here, in part because it was a great way to connect with my characters. And yes, I liked the attention.

Due to circumstance beyond my current control, I am in a situation with people that are completely unlike me. (See the flower mentioned above for more explanation if necessary) I am a weed in their garden of flowers. When I said that to a friend, he reminded me that weeds are survivors. They grow in the most horrendous conditions, with inconsistent quantities of food, water and sun.

I am a thistle. I'm prickly, purple and thrive regardless of circumstance. I can wilt in great heat but a few drops of water or some shade will revive me. I grow tall and strong and proud. Oddly, I never saw a single thistle either time I visited Scotland.

Because the current project is so plant-based, I am immersed in plant-lore and surrounded by leafy greens, bright splashes of colour, weeds, flowers, flora and fauna of all kinds. It helps that so many of my friends have green thumbs.

If you were a plant, what would you be?

This is growing by my pond


  1. Anonymous8:22 PM

    I can totally see you as a thistle, which is gorgeous by the way. And they make their presence known! I have no idea what flower I am. :-D

  2. You are a garden, Miz Elen. I do not think of a single flower when I picture you in my mind. You are the wispy, yellow coreopsis, the dark green hostas, the splash of colour in bright peonies, the promise of Spring that is the lilac, the fragrance of thyme, the splendour of the tall grass and the stability of those giant slabs of rock in your front yard.