Sunday, February 23, 2014

Well hell

I said I'd be around more and showed up less. I'm scheduling things a bit differently. Time on the laptop is for writing and minimal play. The tablet and phone are for playtime but then the Olympics happened. I couldn't get excited about them for a lot of political and controversial reasons. The IOC is never going to change. Corruption and controversy will dog them until people demand a change. I wasn't boycotting. I support our athletes. I donate to their funding, shop at their sponsors and cheer loud.  On Day 6, I got sucked in and never looked back.

At the beginning of the year, I had decided to knit myself a top as part of the Olympic viewing spree. I cobbled together three patterns and bought the yarn.  I worked on it while watching other things.  I had five inches of red Maple Leaf lace by the time I did join the rest of the country in Olympic-mania.  It's a complicated pattern and men's hockey caused me to rip out five out of every seven rows I knitted.

More ridiculous stuff happened at home that required an incredible amount of my attention.  Everyone survived. But it turns out I wasn't sleeping on my arm wrong. I had dislocated my elbow, pinched a nerve and got tendonitis there.  No more knitting. No more typing and really no more using the left arm until it heals.  Progress has been made. Today, I scratched my ear when it itched. 

I can type one-handed on my tablet so I have been using it more often.  I can write with pen and paper so I should finish section three this week. The Olympics are over so I can wear something other than red and white, turn the television off during the day and go back to rooting for my favourite players(they played for their home country. Imagine that)

I'm going back to posting One Good Thing.  Maybe not every day, although I do still keep track at the end of the day, quietly and to myself.  But at least once a week. 

Because it's important to remember that flowers grow even in gardens of stone.

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