Monday, March 31, 2014

The return of good things

I have come to the conclusion that paying attention to the good things in life are the best way to survive the difficult things. While I have be doing an excellent job at being creative, I've struggled to appreciate my life. There have been so many challenges, few of which I've handled with grace or gratitude.

So back to posting my daily Good Thing.

I had a great one first thing this morning but I've already forgotten what it was. That's frustrating.

Today, the sun was shining,  my sweater boots looked great with my dress and hearing about the weekend some friends shared without me made me laugh. I could perfectly imagine all of their expressions as they sang show tunes while fixing dinner. The one dear friend doesn't listen to anything younger than baroque.

I wrote for a couple of hours and found my way to the end of a nasty scene. I consider it a Good Thing that I flailed around trying to find mean. I didn't know what someone could say to alienate one of their closest friends.

Tonight, I brushed Ky while watching television. He has such a thick soft coat. What is soothing to me is barely tolerable for him. Lots of belly rubs as a reward for sitting still helped him forgive me.

What good thing happened in your day?


  1. Anonymous3:46 PM

    The frontscape organic mulch reappeared! I'm on the tail-end of the man-virus, unless the cough lingers forever! So happy about that. It was Master Chef Canada night. What's not to love? ;-)

  2. I'm glad this is back - I missed your little bit of sunshine :-) My good thing is unquestioning and at times over the top lovin' from Super Cooper.