Tuesday, July 01, 2014


I am incredibly grateful to live in this wonderful country that celebrates diversity in all forms.

I am more grateful to have a Thundershirt and Rescue Remedy to help Ky through the fireworks others shoot off in celebration of the national birthday (or Tuesday, cause really some people don't need a reason)

I'm grateful for honey harvested by the bees at a winery. It's kept my throat coated, and tasted delicious. I picture all the happy bees dancing their way up and down the vines.  Sometimes I suspect they're intoxicated, their wiggle dance is so much more erratic than usual.

I have a great imagination. That holds me in good stead most of the time.

Last night I dreamt about what it was like for Indigenous People to celebrate the anniversary of the end of their true way of life.  It was an interesting perspective and I need to talk to my friends who would know so much more about it than I do.

Diversity is for everyone. We need to figure out how to hold true to that philosophy without overriding anyone else's beliefs.

Vineyard honey, anyone?

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