Wednesday, May 16, 2007

For OH

This is it. I'm done. I can't do the excerpt challenge any more. Stop shrieking. I have to write. I can't do that if I'm always trying to figure out what to put on the blog and what to save for myself. So while I was originally going to share what was written on the back of my shower wall - I have no idea why I get scene ideas when I'm in there - I decided I'd be able to hear the screaming all the way on the other side of two countries.

So here you go OH. I wrote this today. For you. Now go do your homework and let me write in peace. :sigh: it was worth a try.

With a dramatic crash the patio doors in his bedroom were flung open. Nea swept in with a blast of bitter wind and a swirl of leaves. Her hair and wings were tattered as if she'd been violently shaken. An unholy grin was lit from within.

"Good evening, Alex." She trailed a long nail up his thigh. "Are you ready to play?"

Every muscle clenched as he fought to keep blood flowing to his brain. "No, thanks."

"Really?" She leaned in, let her breath caress the sensitive skin beneath his ear. "I could help you relax."

He wasn’t some hormonal teenager she’d dragged off the street. He could resist her advances. She licked his ear.

Any second now.

A leaf fell from the demon’s hair and skittered across her breast. With her wicked tongue driving away coherent thought, he never would have noticed the leaf his gaze hadn’t been fixated on that tempting part of her anatomy.

The leaf gently undulated then reversed gravity to skitter back up Nea’s neck and tuck itself beneath her hair.

Alex eased away from her. Leaves didn’t skitter. But that one had. Twice.

“What the hell was that?”

Nea delved her fingers into her hair. Smiled, and withdrew her hand.

“That’s Clio.”

How he’d ever taken the ugly brown beetle for a leaf was beyond him. His only excuse was the distraction Nea herself had provided.

“You named it?”

She scowled at him. “Of course I named her. She’s been with me since I was a kid.”

A slender finger gently stroked the shiny brown carapace. The bug’s long nose was almost the length of its body and he watched in mingled fascination and revulsion as it burrowed into Nea’s hand. The affection between the two was out-of-character for the demon.

Tiny wings flicked. Nea inclined her head then it skittered up and disappeared beneath the fall of her hair.

A chill raised his skin as understanding dawned. “That bug lives in your hair?”

“Where else would she live?”


  1. I confess.
    Even though I'm not OH, I have read the excerpt. Reading this, I rather liked Nea. And her beetle. And her unholy grin.

  2. That's okay, OH read your excerpt.. I think you're even

    mrwaif - Alex before Nea comes along

  3. ooo, i like this. this is good. ok, go write then.

    no more excerpt game? i wonder how long yet'll take bryan...well, this was fun, i hope you share some soon.


  4. Anonymous11:50 PM

    Book done yet?
    I'm not OH either, but I certainly enjoyed the excerpt!

  5. Anonymous8:57 AM

    I want to know more about the snaking tongue you mentioned at the bar & grill. (Insert lascivious leer here.) Although this was great. Clio gave me the creepy-crawlies, but I love this. When's it being published?

  6. First I have to finish writing it. Then I have to find a publisher and an agent. But I am working on both those things right now. Think positive for me, I entered American Title IV with Alex's sister's story. Gabriela kicks demon ass!

  7. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Oh man, if Gabriela kiss demon ass - where does that leave Nea (and Clio)?

  8. How did I miss this?
    Oh yeah, I was on vacation with no internet. Damn.
    Nice excerpt/ I really like your girl. She's hot. I have to read more of your guy to figure him out. I liked him in the skydiving scene, but that one is gone now.
    Maybe if you posted another scene, I'd be able to tell...
    Just a thought.

  9. EEEEEEE! That's all I have to say.

    If you don't behave, Nea will gut wu.