Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What's sexy?

Everyone has a different idea of sexy, arousing, stimulating - take your pick.

I'm partial to a barefoot man, clad only in worn denim. His shirt, if he's wearing one, will be unbuttoned. But that's merely visual.

Alex's idea of sexy has as much to do with the scent of Nea's arousal; the sound of her uneven breathing; the taste of her. All of his senses are engaged.

Nea has always used sex as a tool; a means to an end. If you ask her, she has no idea what's sexy. Until she met Alex. There's something about the way he reacts to her that stimulates her. She doesn't understand it; doesn't understand him. It's the way he touches her; strokes her wings at the point between her shoulder blades. He doesn't mean to arouse her. He's offering comfort but it's that very act of putting her needs above his that she finds so sexy. Desirable. And incredibly arousing.

Sex is about so much more than the physical. This is a foreign concept to Nea but one that Alex is happy to help her explore; even though she terrifies him. That's sexy.


  1. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Aren't you supposed to be in Nashville, and at a computer not thinking dirty thoughts?

    And speaking of dirty thoughts...Just that short blurb about Alex and Nea was hot. Can't wait to read the actual story if just the basic description is that good. Is it warm in here? Oh my Bob, I need a date.

  2. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Oops, i meant to say, and not at a computer thinking... Yes I be a editer.

  3. Wait a minute, should OH be reading this kind of stuff? You're corrupting the morals of our youths! And of our editors. O, the humanity.
    Fortunately, I am... immune to such... distractions...

  4. mary: i just got her to ignore my age and you bring it up! geez!

    CMS: no, no, it's fine, it is. no problem. none at all.

    and you can't stop me from buying it when it's published, so bwa ha ha

  5. OH: Can't I just have a little peril?
    Mary: No, it's too perilous. I'll have the peril for you. Besides, you know how many calories there are in each individual peril. You'll thank me for this. Eventually.

    jmheeecb - clearly this must be a cb lurker

  6. Okay. I've heard enough. When can I read this??? Wings. I love it.