Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Well, it's two days to the end of the month and I will most definitely not finish writing my book by then. But I did get a fair amount accomplished. Both Bracken and Nyssa have names(thanks, GP and McB) as well as truly wicked reveals about Nea's parentage. That scene is a powerful turning point.

I've been going through scene-by-scene and expanding the notes and/or dialogue to actually flesh things out into a living entity of a manuscript. I'm pleased with my progress so far. Although the message I left on my own answering machine while I was walking to work needs some tweaking. It was a major breakthrough for Alex's motivation in the second half of the book. Yet another sagging plotline pulled taut by a long walk through town. Who knew I was exercising more than my legs?

Thanks to OH who started this whole NaAu writing challenge, I had a brilliant idea that played nicely off Arden's suggestion that I make each nymph's physical manifestation of meeting their soul mate as individual as they are. Again, it dovetails wonderfully with Bracken and Nyssa's personalities as well as revealing some more motivation, even if it is backstory.

I doubt these will be two-dimensional characters. But if they are, the fault lies with my ability to flesh them out, rather than the input I've received from all of you.

September doesn't involve as much craziness(that was a prayer, not a challenge to the gods) so I should be able to finish the last half of the book. I'm so excited about how it's coming along.

Wait 'til you read it.

PS Mary, Ky is much better now. He chased a raccoon over the back fence with his usual enthusiasm and energy. The raccoon is not as enthusiastic about Ky's return to health.


  1. it was so great meeting you...i mean, face to face.

    and glad the challenge did something for you, cause for me (not her)...ummm, mostly the word that comes to mind is "shit", but to keep it G-rated: gosh darnnit, i did bad.

  2. hey, if you aren't using the name "cryph", do you mind if i take it back? i think i may use it for my villian's name

  3. Anonymous9:20 PM

    well no wonder you didn't finish writing, you were too busy off havind fun! Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  4. You shameless hussies! Get back to writing!

    I excuse Ms. Sheryl, since she did a day's worth of writing at the B&G in addition to all those sit ups ;)


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