Wednesday, November 14, 2007

After telling McB all the reasons I wasn't going for a walk today;the high winds, cold rain, not enough time before work to walk and write, would rather write, still had tomorrow to meet my weekly goal;I sucked it up. I'd been staring at my open document for an hour without adding more than two sentences to my wip.

Bundled in more layers than a jockey trying to make weight for the Kentucky Derby, I headed out with Ky. We walked further than the other day and in less time, despite the strong head wind. The tail wind more than made up for it.

Something really cool happened on the walk, something that happens every single time and I always forget the intensity of it. I wrote in my head. It was layer stuff;the demon's bugs, the other demon's reaction to seeing Alex's trapped soul and some stuff with Alex and a harmonica. I need a mini-recorder for this stuff because I had actual lines of solid writing. I repeated them to Ky a few times but even if he does remember, how is he supposed to tell me what they were?

I needed to look at exercise as an extension of my writing as I'm far more dedicated to the latter than the former. It never ceases to amaze me what I will do to further my writing career. You all know I have sucky days where I wonder why I bother but those don't last long. I am hard-core about this.

Walking may very well be a good tool for all that writing in my head time that I need to let ideas and images jell.

Tomorrow I'll take paper and a pencil if it isn't raining. Or my cell phone so I can leave a message on my answering machine.

Whatever works, eh.


  1. But doesn't it feel good to put that gold star up on your blog? It's corny, but I felt like I Done Good :)

    And yes, please, I'd love a nagging phone call. Not to wake me up, but to nudge me into Getting Out of Bed. And not sitting down at the computer in the morning. So long as I get up and don't sit down, everything works according to plan.

    ggvbbzf - what I'd probably say if you called me at 5 a.m. Pacific Time.

  2. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Walking is good. Love the idea of taking your cell phone and leaving a message on your answering machine. Whatever works, indeed.

    OT, don't bother with Lions For Lambs, and that's a diehard Streep and Redford fan talking. Date night sucked! lol