Saturday, November 17, 2007

One for, one against

I walked to work. Listened to Will Write for Wine podcast on my shiny new mp3 player. Was too enchanted with Lani Diane Rich and Samantha Graves to think about my own book. I did however play with the voice recording before I left the house.

Lose the star for eating a Caramilk Dark bar. Right now, while I type. :sigh:

In the words of the incomparable Scarlett O'Hara, "Tomorrow is another day."


  1. I think that star looks beautiful up there, don't take it off! You did your walking for the day, you get the star. Don't worry about the candy so much. One thing at a time, eh? You done good!

  2. I really don't think you can lose a star once you've earned it. What Mary said, it looks pretty up there. Go, CMS!

  3. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Congrats on that new mp3 player. May you get all those brilliant walking ideas saved when and where it counts.

    You get the star. Yesterday, I wanted to eat...everything. :grin: