Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Big Picture

That's a phrase that's been running through my head for weeks as I deal with work issues as well as writing challenges. There are times, more often than not, when we react to a situation without any idea of how we fit into The Big Picture. I'm well aware that, at work, I'm an expendable cog in a tiny wheel that operates a side component of the entire machine. Once I accepted that, I was able to find peace in the changes and be happier with the job that I do. I was also able to look at it from the other side when management divulged information about someone else's job. The bottom line for me was to understand how all the pieces fit in the puzzle.

Friends of mine own a lovely piece of property with seven acres that backs onto a creek. Their home is at the front half, lots of elm and black walnut trees populate the back. While they are smack dab in the middle of orchards and grape fields, their property is prettier than it is functional.

Last week, the husband was clearing out the underbrush down by the creek when he found a hunting platform in the top of their tallest, straightest tree. He was furious. Not only had someone trespassed on his property, they hunted wildlife that resided safely there. They shot a rifle with the intent to kill. And kill they had. By spiking his tree to build the platform, they had ruined it.

What I didn't know, which means the hunters most definitely didn't, was that my friends were planning to sell that tree as a veneer tree. Money is tight for them right now. She's been ill the last few years and unable to contribute to the household income. Alternative therapies don't come cheap in any country. So that tree was not just the highest spot in the land from which to kill deer. It was a souce of income for my friends. An income they desperately need. One that they have nutured for several years.

Those hunters were ignorantly unaware of the big picture and how destructive their trespassing was. I'm not convinced they would have behaved differently had they known. Sometimes The Big Picture doesn't mean anything to people who don't see themselves as part of it.

I think that maybe that's the problem with demons. They don't care what The Big Picture is. They live to rearrange it. Structure and understanding are repugnant to them.

Fortunately that makes for an interesting story. Alex and Nea have no idea how their puzzle pieces fit together. They are only aware of their effect on each other. They are in for a big shock at the end of the book when they find out who exactly manipulated them both and why. So am I because at this moment I only have part of the answer.


  1. That's just unconscionable. I'm deeply sorry for your friends. I hope that they will be able to recover from this somehow. Educate me...what is a Veneer tree?

    You will figure out the missing part of your story, I've no doubt. You've a keen mind.

  2. A veneer is a cut of wood. Instead of thick like a plank it is thin, usually used as a decorative cover or surface. Because it is so thin, it needs to be straight and unblemished. It most certainly can not have huge holes gouged into .

    I know more of the missing part than Alex and Nea. I'm just not sure who is manipulating events. I thought I knew but it looks like that character is a puppet as well.

    Sometimes fiction is easier to deal with than reality.

  3. Anonymous2:03 PM

    OK, maybe this is a stupid question, but I've been to that lovely house/yard/general area, and I have to ask: is it actually legal to hunt there? I can't imagine it is, being near homes and all.

    Can the tree still be sold, and they can cut around it?