Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snow storm

I'd show you pictures but the wind was blowing so strong I didn't take any. My niece and I only tromped to the bridge and back because the visibility was so low. We really needed Ky to help us find our way a couple of times. I definitely got my exercise today.

I can also use that feeling of battling the elements in one of Alex's scenes. He's hating winter and dreaming about the hot climes of Belize. I can only imagine. My little trek today reminded me of how quickly things can turn. Again, something I can use with Alex.

It's all about the writing, baby.


  1. That it is, Miss Keziah. That it is. Love the new pic, btw. Be snug. Be warm. Be in!

  2. On the positive side, this is a perfect opportunity to do some snow sculptures of Alex and Nea... :)

    cqphzq - the kind of medication prescribed by Canadian physicians if you start doing snow sculptures of imaginary beings...