Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sweating with Sven

Sven's reign of terror ended yesterday. I didn't meet my goal. In fact I fell far short. Regardless, I'd sign on for another tour. Until three weeks ago, I wrote every single night. For hours at a time. My word count increased exponentially as the weeks went on. Sven can be very inspiring. It might have something to do with not wanting to see the disdain on that curled lip. That's just not my idea of sexy.

When the words flowed, the count increased and I had my butt in the chair, well then that was another thing entirely. His eyes would twinkle, the corners of his mouth tilt up and approval shone from him.

Despite the fact that I didn't answer his calls or return his messages for the last few weeks, Sven has invited me to return to his sweat lodge for the next writing challenge. I have a few issues to work out before I accept, but with a little help from Alex and some input from Nea,I should be in a better head space. Don't worry Sven, it wasn't you, it was me*.

*I've always wanted to say that to someone.


  1. I always pronounce that phrase
    "sveating with Sven"

    So long as progress is being made, and you're happy with the quality of the writing, no worries.

  2. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Hey. You got in the game. Accepted the challenge. Played with heart. You didn't make the winning touchdown. But you scored. It's not all about winning.

    Uh oh. Elen's been watching Friday Night Lights again!

  3. Anonymous11:17 AM

    I didn't do it!