Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Alex Across the Universe

My friend came over last night to work on her essay about Across the Universe. Someone had stepped on her laptop so she used mine. I also own the movie so we watched it 5 times in 24 hours. As of this afternoon I still wasn't sick of it. Odd considering each viewing was consecutive.

The most interesting aspect of the entire experience was how much I wrote. A little friendly rivalry kicked into gear. I grabbed pen and paper and just wrote everything that came to mind. I started with the end of one scene and notes for the next. Every tap of the keys drove me to match her word for word with ink. Scratch, sing, tap. Scratch, sing, tap. So our night went.

The Beatles are not on my playlist for Alex. He's more of a nature tape kinda guy. But knowing someone else is writing beside me gets the juices flowing every time. Hmmm, I wonder where Alex gets his competitive spirit from...

It was fun, productive and created some good stuff. A writer's retreat would get this sucker finished in no time. Just saying...


  1. Across the Universe is a fabulous movie! Whatever works to get the writing done --

    We've got trouble writing here in River City today. Yes, Miss Keziah. We've got trouble with a capital T. I've got the fever....baaaad!

  2. I'm working on setting up a writer's retreat but it's in Virginia. A bit of a trek for you.

    Glad you got so much done.

    I've never seen that movie.