Sunday, August 15, 2010


I have so many thoughts juggling in my head right now it's like living inside the bingo machine on Thursday afternoons at the Senior Center. 

I'm dreaming about the assignment that's due tomorrow for the adult collection course for the library certificate. Once that's done, I have to make a reading map for the other course.

The pond has a critical leak and needs to be taken apart and repaired.

Bathroom plumbing needs to be addressed. It's something that can be done casually and over a beer but still it's run on too long.

It's mid-August and Christmas presents need to be started.

Most of the feedback is waiting for me to implement it in Heal, Casey.  There's a small window between these courses and the next in which I can finish that up and get it out. It's not going to get published from my desk.

Was it only last week that I was sitting beneath Nea's tree beside the falls and showing off Alex's haunts to some good friends?  That was a fantastic day and really helped bring Hell to Pay back to the forefront of my mind. I tossed the revisions in a drawer months ago and never looked back.

How does that happen?  See the above list. That's not the half of what needs to be done.  How do some people do it all? I need to clone myself or find a second job so I can hire out the household stuff.

In the meantime, I'll do what I can, make notes of the random thoughts that might make good stories down the road and get back to it.

Just so you know it's not all drudgery and stress, this is one of the bingo balls.  Sorry for borrowing your Richard, Miss Merry but MI5 is one of my latest obsessions.


  1. It looks so strange to see him wearing modern clothes! I wonder how he would look if he weren't wearing any ... ahem. Sorry. Mind started to wander a bit there... Hmmmn...

  2. I had the same thought - about the modern clothes of course. There's only so far I would consider poaching. Still, he's a great actor in a show that is peopled with great acting and writing.

  3. I love MI-5! We were watching a marathon of Season 4 this weekend. My summer has been total chaotic-ville. Sigh.