Sunday, August 22, 2010


If you're "waiting on the Muse to strike" you're not going to get much writing done. Inspiration happens in a flash then it's all hard work from there.

You sit your butt in the chair and write a little bit every day. The words accumulate, the story appears and the editing makes it all pretty.  A Greek Goddess does not swoop down into your office and using a peacock feather hand write your novel in lovely flowing script.  The best you can hope for is that she will whisper in your ear as she occasionally breezes through your life.

While I've never had writer's block (thank the Goddess) I have experienced burnout.  Too many things going on, too many deadlines and not enough real life experiences that are vital to a rich writing life.  I've taken a break or two, once a project is completed, to recharge.  The longer I take to get back to the desk, the longer it takes to want to go back to a desk. I've learned to take a notebook and pencil out into the garden, carry one in my purse and utilize the voice recorder feature on my cell phone for those times when I'm driving and inspiration strikes. 

There are other times when Real Life is so demanding that the writing suffers.  It is physically impossible to make a day any longer than 24 hours.  Choices must be made, and as writing doesn't currently pay my bills, it's going to have to take the infrequent back seat. 

When that happens, I feel guilty as hell. Like I'm playing hooky from grade school, or smoking out back with the other 12 year olds.  It's a knee jerk reaction that has to stop.  Those breaks from writing are necessary.  I need to renew my enthusiasm or gather more information, or address other concerns in my life.

I'll get back to the desk. Sooner rather than later because I've built up a good backlog of story ideas, filled several files with research, and created a strong writing routine that is dependent upon discipline, deadlines and chocolate.

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