Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Brain full

Usually writing gets all that extra stuff out of my brain onto the page and frees me up to think of other things. That's not happening at the moment. Daily living, or surviving the sore-throat-that-will-not-heal, has dragged so much out of me. It doesn't seem like a lot, until I try to think.

My brain is full of parents, health(mine and theirs), researching alternative therapies(theirs and mine), conventional therapies(I think you know who's), work, the library collection course, and somewhere waaaay down there Alex and Nea who aren't exactly clawing to get out.

I've tried writing at the computer, writing longhand, writing on the shower wall, writing in my notebook and writing while I walk(digital voice recorders rock). Nothing worth noting.

Maybe I'm not Wonder Woman and can't do everything. Maybe I'm missing a key element in the story and don't realize it. Maybe I need to just keep plugging away.

Honestly, I think it's a combination of the three. I'll continue opening the document and adding a few words at a time. A conversation with Elen brought me back to the basics of Alex's character. Lani Diane Richsaid something interesting about what a bad idea it was in a romance to make the hero and heroine the antagonist and protagonist. On the surface this is exactly what I've done with Alex and Nea. On further reflection I realized it is not. In the end Alex will give Nea exactly what she wants, not what she thinks she wants. Despite what the two of them think, she's not taking away anything he holds precious. He already threw it away. In her own warped way, Nea will give it back to him. Of course neither one of them realize that's what is really happening. They think they're adversaries.

Sort of like my brain and I.


  1. I'm thinking of the scene in My Best Friend's Wedding when Rupert Everett says to Julia Roberts -- Courage. I'm saying to you, Miss Keziah -- Courage. Only, unfortunately I doesn't sound a damn thing like Rupert.

    You're having a rough patch. This, too, shall pass.

    Thanks for coming by to see the Gracie pic and talking about Ky and Yoda. :-)

    Did you find Eomer yet?

  2. Anonymous9:27 PM

    No, I "doesn't" sound like Rupert at all. lol Sheesh!

  3. Okay, now Blogger is just having a brain fart. I'm not really being anonymous here.


  4. I like Rupert Everett. He was the best part of that movie. That scene in the restaurant when he leads them all in a song :sigh:

    Yes I did see Eomer. Karl Urban? Yumm, but not Alex. Maybe only ALex looks like himself...

  5. Rupert WAS the best part. Too true. The song was priceless.

    Alex and I are washed-up, finished, through! lol

  6. Anonymous4:51 PM

    I'm worried about this never-ending sore throat. Take care of yourself; maybe have them run some tests.

    And the writing will come. Says the girl who hasn't written in almost a week...

  7. Ooh, I was just thinking about the hero/heroine, antag/protag thing. You know, this stuff happens way too often; must be a psychic connection. Anyway, I've been listening to SEP's Just Imagine. It's different from her later stuff. It's SEP, so it's good; but reminded me of what I never did like in early romance fiction ... yeah, the antag/protag thing. And because I get way too involved when I'm reading, I want to reach into the pages and whump them both upside the head.