Thursday, February 21, 2008


Stashaholic thinks Henry Ian Cusik would be a good choice for Jamie from the Outlander series. I'm not convinced anyone can measure up to my mental image but you have to admit, he's not bad to look at.

She's thinking about her choice for Claire. I can't comment as I am busy writing. I have a brilliant post sketched out on the bathroom wall for you and will post it just as soon as I get this scene finished. I am hopeful that it will actually be in this lifetime. Thanks to Jodi Thomas for the quote, "Triumph comes from perseverance."

Ahh, my idea of triumph...



  1. Thank you, Miss Keziah. I desperately needed eye candy today. More than chocolate. How desperate is that???

  2. Tony Curran comes closest to my vision of Jaime. He's got Jamie's red hair...accent...hmmmm. (and a friend of Gerard Butler!)