Sunday, February 03, 2008

Puttering along

No writing today. Not because it was Superbowl Sunday. I had my six year old niece here all weekend. She's full of enthusiasm from the moment her eyes open in the morning til the very instant they flutter shut at night. If only I could figure out how to harness some of that energy. It would solve the global energy crisis. Not to mention my own. She sucks it out of me. I have no idea how the working/writing mothers manage. She is a treasure. Truly. We had some good laughs. She taught me some interesting dance moves. High School Musical was far better than I had imagined. Both times.

Alex took a backseat to the princess but he didn't go away completely. I did manage to play with him during her bath time. We discussed the crazy aunt scribbles on the wall and that led to more insight about this current scene.

I have no idea what triggered how to write Nea's reactions to the loss of her wing. Something made me think of OH's tattoo post and it came from there.

I'm writing out of sequence again. So much on Alex's scene then over to Nea's and back again. But whatever works.

I'm motivated. My replacement copy of Wrath of Gods should be here in three weeks. I need to be free to watch it.


  1. Anonymous6:55 AM

    Not to mention something else that will distract you for a whole 3 days!

  2. And those dance moves would be? ;-) I wanna see High School Musical. It looks like fun. Up until 4 this morning. My eyes are nothing but grit held in by eyelids. I love my work. lol

  3. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Sorry to hear you didn't get as much writing done as you had intended, but it sounds like you had a lovely day anyway.

    As for writing out of order, I do that all the time, then I fill in the gaps. If a scene comes to me in perfect clarity, and I know that it will work later on in the book, I would be silly to ignore it, waiting to write it until I'm at that point, risking that I will no longer remember it. But I know that other writers feel differently. As one author--I think it might have been Lani Diane Rich--said, when you read the book, you can't tell how it was put together, so the only right way to write the book is the way that actually works.